Thursday, January 30, 2014

Updated: 1-31-2014 Steven's interviews

hah! Starting 10:30 pm Hong Kong time, listening concurrently to DBC website click 金曲台《愛與樂飛行》, and DAB31 live

Steven's pre-recorded interview on DBC 數碼6台 Golden 金曲台《愛與樂飛行》(The skies of love & Music)  aired tonight 9 pm to 11:30 pm 2014-1-29 link and 2014-1-30

Steven is on at the very end of part 3 (around 29:45) and the first 2/3 of part 4. The interview to be continued tomorrow night probably around the same time like the last 30 minutes or so of the program.

UPDATED: 1-31-2014 

FaceBook part1 part 2 streaming/download

 FB dl video part1 & part2 combined

Jackielhy@ tudou link
《愛與樂飛行》Facebook dl link
pix source FB


Salient Point
---started at negative point in his career, Healing Hands1 lifted him above zero to a positive point.

I think Steven is always too hard on himself.  His 好想擁抱一個人is both mine and a fan favorite but he complained his singing did not do credit to the wonderful song that it is.  His singing did not fully express the emotion of the song. You be the judge.

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