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Steven Ma Established Work Studio in Beijing, Xiao Xuan Zi becomes Boss Ma.

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马浚伟北上成立工作室 “小玄子”变身马老板
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QQ= QQ Entertainment (Tencent)
S=Steven Ma

Many mainland tv viewers first knew of Steven Ma through this 16-year-old tv series, Duke of Mt. Deer, and later through tvb series got to know him. The winter break is fast approaching, and soon it's the time to once again see “Xiao Xuan Zi” (tn: Steven’s KangXi) on tv reruns.*   As for the real person Steven Ma himself, he is presently here in Beijing to formally open his  “Zhong-Xiang TaoYuan Steven Ma Work Studio”. In 2013 he had a fruitful year up north; in 2014 he plans to branch out his career in different directions; besides filming, music, and book publication, he will also get involve in directing, planning, artists management, and may even do some side business; thus, “Kang Xi” may soon become “Boss  Ma” (lao ban). In this Tencent interview Steven speaks eloquently of his future plans, his fluent Mandarin spoken with hardly any Hong Kong accent will definitely be advantageous to his ventures up north.

Mainland Work Studio has High Flexibility
Following the establishment of his Hong Kong’s “Xiao Ma Work Studio”, Steven set up his mainland “Zhong-Xiang Tao Yuan Steven Ma Work Studio” in Beijing.   He describes this collaboration (tn: with Tao Yuan company) as having a feel of an “instant clicking together” celerity. The investment from Zhong-Xiang TaoYuan’s owner, Chairman Huang Hong, gives Steven a flexibility in which to develop his artistic career.

QQ: What fortuitous circumstances afforded you to establish a work studio in the mainland?

S: Actually, late 2012 I’d already established “Xiu Ma Work Studio” (小马工作室) in Hong Kong, so all along I had this intention.  In the past, there were several companies wanting to sign a management contract with me but I was not ready to commit just yet.  These companies are all excellent and professional but I wanted to test the waters on my own.  Before this, I knew Zhong-Xiang Taoyuan’s owner, Chairman Huang; through a friend he inquired about my situation but at the time I was still with TVB.  Last year we saw each other at Beijing. He initiated the collaboration talk with me. He said: “I'll make an investment so that you can open a work studio." Ten days later he flew over to Hong Kong to talk with me in earnest; very sincere. I felt he had vision and his company had the capability and strength, so within a short period we were already into the contract negotiation stage, in less than six months our contract was finalized.  Our collaboration officially began on Jan 1st 2014.  We are those who clicked instantly.  Indeed, interpersonal relation truly depends on affinity and fate.

QQ: Heard that your work studio will involve movie/ tv series filming and investment, so does that mean you’ll wear different hats besides an actor’s?

S: The issue was indeed discussed in our negotiation talks. The work studio will be autonomous. The company will give me a budget to do stuff such as: directing, producing my own movies, and branching out in different directions. The main thing is, it's great that I’ll have investment funds granted me. (smile)  Actually many ideals can’t be realized without a monetary investment.  Also, I'll be involved in the artists management sector too. (So you will sign up other artists?) Yes, but I think that won’t be until the latter half of the year, would have to wait for operations to get smoothed out first and then will go for it.  I feel that signing up an actor will have some conflict with my own character role.  (smile)  I do have a few female candidates in mind.  I know them all.  I have to be utmost responsible when signing a contract with them, so must have a good plan first.

March, Mandarin Song to Dedicate to Father 
Most people know Steven through TV series but he actually debuted as a singer. He possesses a great singing skill. But in 2003 he began to concentrate more on filming until 10 years later last year (July) he released a new music album (Cherish) incorporating a gospel concept to transmit positive energy. It generated good reviews from the Cantonese speaking regions. Venturing north to further his career, Steven reveals March this year he will plug a new Mandarin song.  Last year his “For Mother: Weary” garnered positive reviews. This time the new song is for his father.

QQ: Year 2013 you did a lot of stuff such as releasing a new music album after a 10-year-lapse.  You debuted as a singer, why waited so long?

S: Actually during the past 10 years I sang too, sang tv series themesongs, and also held concerts and performed on stage in other countries, just that I did not release a music album.  At the time while chatting with the cd records company’s boss, they (tn: the boss and others) said why don’t you release a cd, use gospel as the theme, and thru your artistic medium, spread some positive stuff.

QQ: Indeed, gospel songs and pop singers don’t give off quite the same feel.

S: True, had not released an album for so long, if had me released another pop songs album, there’s not much motivation.  But conversely towards a gospel album there was this sense of purpose and accomplishment.  The responses in Hong Kong and in Guangdong are not bad, but we did not do any promotions here in Beijing.

QQ: So, will release Mandarin songs then?

S: We’re currently preparing a music album; the title song is in Mandarin.  Estimated time of the title song release is March this year.  (tn: Album's estimate release is in June) Its content’s pretty much like before, conveying the message of all that’s good in things - truth, virtue and beauty. Hope everybody will like it.  The title song is not about romance but about my dad. (Last year you wrote about your mom.) Yes, wrote for my mom now will write for my dad, else he’ll be unhappy. Because my mom has passed away but my dad, he is still very healthy. He was a public bus driver for many years and has sacrificed much for our family. Also, have you noticed this, every year people make a big deal over Mother’s Day but for Father’s Day, there’s not much going on. Also, the display of affection for parents differ too. We can say mom I love you but not that easy to say dad I love you. Maybe it’s the problem between men, like how can I hug my dad and say: Dad, I love you. But in truth I love him all the same. 

QQ: Cocoon in a Storm (Property Protector) airs February; acting skill surged

Last year, (sic 2012) Steven filmed “The Legend of Kublai Khan”《建元风云》and “Yuan Yang Pei”《鸳鸯佩》in which he attempted different performing styles and different filming methods that differed from before. When Steven returned to film the tvb series, Producer Leung Choi Yuen, whom he has collaborated many times in the past, felt the difference in Steven’s performance, especially with his restrain in crying scenes.  Steven jests that he has too much snot when he cries. SIAC will air next month on February 17th on tvb Jade channel.  

QQ: You filmed “Yuan Yang Pei” in mainland, portraying two roles with contrasting personalities, what was the biggest challenge at the time of filming?

S: Initially when the company gave me the script, it was for the role of Shen Qi Jun ( 沈其峻) but I rejected that.  It’s not that he is not good but that this kind of character I’ve portrayed too many times already. Even if I’m not bored, the audience might. So I told the director I want to act Tang Ting Xuan and Lai Fu instead.  I felt that though Ting Xuan is an antagonist he is not a bad sort. Being treated by you this way; everybody used me, framed me; even younger brother seeks to kill me; I’m not the biological son and even got booted out; quite pitiful. During filming, the scriptwriter told me she also liked Tang Ting Xuan the most when she was writing the script; he has very realistic human characteristics, not overly fantasticized; In this world, can’t deny that people are selfish.  He (Tang Ting Xuan) exemplifies a real world person.  Many viewers after watching this series all said they feel the most sorry for Tang Ting Xuan. He is truly a tragic character.  I’ve had fun portraying him.

QQ: You have also filmed a pre-modern TVB series too, how different was it shooting tvb period dramas vs mainland's?

S: People seem to have the wrong impression that I’ve filmed many pre-modern period dramas but actually the dramas I filmed are mostly ancient drama, Qing dynasty drama and modern drama.  “Yuan Yang Pei” is in fact my first pre-modern period drama, and following that is SIAC (Property Protector), what we dubbed Early Republican Era drama, and that was because I requested it.  I felt that Zhong Shan costumes suit me. Tis’ odd why previously they did not approach me to film for such era.  After filming “Yuan Yang Pei”, many producers commented that I look handsome in my Early Republican Era makeover.  I said to them you only found out now, isn’t it a bit too late? (smile)

QQ: In SIAC, you collaborated with Uncle Choi and Tavia Yeung again, where does the new spark come from?

S: That day Uncle Choi said to me that after viewing the edited 32 episodes he felt that Steven Ma is different; the eye expression has changed. They (sic) felt I performed that better than before, has a fresh feel to it; the style of my acting deliverance has also changed.  Earlier when filming “The Legend of Kublai Khan”, and “Yuan Yang Pei” I felt the difference between them vs TVB. The acting rhythm and the expression of feeling are all different. Before, I restrained my emotions too inwardly; what?  Want people to examine what’s in your eyes?  In the past I had this conviction, you gotta look into my eyes ya, so can see into my heart to know my feelings. But there isn’t enough time on television for viewers to look into your heart.  But now I feel that I should express my feelings more outwardly; the variations in the expression, skin and muscles all must have.  This time in SIAC, I experienced with this method. The producer and director all said it’s very different.  My first scene shot was that of my back and hands. I was holding a letter.  The director said even Steven’s back and hands were acting. Now, in my crying scenes I tried my best not to let my tears fall.  First sign of tears, I’ll hold them back.  Don’t want too much tears.  Same for nasal mucus, especially since in every crying scene I have lots of mucus. (smile) This character is a soldier. As for my feeling, why don’t you tell me after you finished watching it!

3 Views” Very Positive; Most Want to Work with Xu Zheng (徐峥)
Steven is chatty and knows how to enliven the atmosphere.  During the photoshoot he nonstop played with the stuffed penguin in his hand, and even advised the reporter to get a male penguin to pair up with the one in his hand.  Afterwards, he said why not make it a 12 zodiac set?  But at reviewing his weibo entries, I feel that he is very serious, concern of current affairs and have a sense of responsibility.  When talking to him, (I) felt that this is an artist whose “3 views” are intrinsically positive and upright.  (tn: 3 views = outlook on life, outlook on world view, and values)

QQ: When browsing your weibo, feel that you are very concern about current affairs. You will stand up to express your pov.  Do you feel that an artist should have this sense of responsibility?

S: I believe even if I’m not an artist I’ll still do the same. Many Hong Kong friends must think I’m crazy.  I read the newspaper(s) daily: Hong Kong news, mainland news, international news, save the entertainment news for the last but still will read it.  First, read the social and international news. I especially pay attention to social happenings like earlier there was this young girl beating up a child inside an elevator. I got so angry after reading it. (I saw your repost!) Not only repost but I scolded too. I even used TMD (ta ma de) this kind of (tn: cuss) word. Also charity this kind of stuff, artist or not, still should do.

QQ:  Also your books, they are not pictorial book but rather some casual prose writings and sentiments; feel that you are a very serious person. But at the same you know how to often enliven the atmosphere. So which is the real you?

S: Actually I’m not serious lah! I can only say that my thinking is pretty much universal precepts.  (正规) . Maybe see from a different angle I’m a boring person. I’m particular about self-regulation/ discipline, understand the right and wrong in life.  I will always take that direction. When chatting with friends, they all said what kind of era (tn: we are in) now, they hink I should be a police man. I’m also very punctual, when shooting film I'll never be late.  Now that I’m older, conversely I like to play more. (qq: Opposite from other people, who love to play during school years.)  Because when I was young I couldn’t play.  After Form 5 graduation I worked immediately and in business at that. Also at 16 or 17 years old, I looked like 20 years old. So I didn’t have a wild and reckless juvenile period. When everybody was playing I was already working. As I grew older conversely when everybody was at work I want to play. haha I find myself sometimes very childish.

QQ: Maybe when young had to work to take care of family, because men need their own careers, now stabilized, can relax.

S:  Also can put it this way, my work in the past few years are pretty stable. Step by step development, and now opening a work studio in Beijing, I’ve nothing to worry about. Besides developing new stuff, most important is to play lo! (smile) Besides that I can bring in some promising stuff to do, later you all will see me both as an artist and also as a businessman, such as this one project which I hope will take shape in year end, it involves education. My sister in Hong Kong has opened a tuition/learning center, the teaching materials are excellent. I can bring that in here or maybe in the future even have a “Zhong-Xiang Tao Yuan Steven Ma Learning Center”.

QQ: Do you have a mainland artist you most like to collaborate?

S: Many! Recently I really like Xu Zheng (徐峥) At first because of watching《人再囧途之泰囧》so I watched his past work. This director cum actor, he’s very real and very three-dimensional. The stuff he filmed is quite like western films, different from the usual Chinese style of filming. Truly feel he acted really well.  I’ve also finished watching  “Finding Mr. Right”《北京遇上西雅图》I feel both Frank Wu Xiu Bo 吴秀波 and Tang Wei (汤唯) did well too. I also like Qin Hai Lu. (秦海璐)

QQ:  Your upcoming work is truly worth anticipating, especially with Horse year coming up!

S: Year 2014 is Horse year. My last name is Ma, but I'm not in the Horse zodiac.  Many people say in Horse year, people with last name “Ma” will do well but what’s the correlation ya?  But, for the real Horse zodiac, twin horses galloping as one will speed up.  

Notes: Domd1998 is arguably one of the most popular/beloved reruns on mainland tv local and satellite channels.

腾讯娱乐讯 (文/丁丁(微博) 图/Mango)很多内地观众因为16年前的《鹿鼎记》(黄晓明版 陈小春版 梁朝伟版) 认识马浚伟(微博),并通过TVB剧对他熟识。寒假来临,又到了能在电视台的重播看到“小玄子”的时候,而真身马浚伟,则来到北京为他的“中港桃园马浚伟工作室”做宣传。2013年,他北上拍戏收获良多;2014年则是要在事业上全面开花,除影视、音乐、出书一个都不能少以外,还要涉足导演、策划、经纪,甚至想做点其他生意,“康熙”就这样摇身一变成“马老板”。他接受腾讯娱乐专访,对这些未来侃侃而谈,一口很难听出香港口音的流利普通话,倒真的像是他北上发展的一大优势。























“三观”很正 最想合作徐峥(微博)









马浚伟:那真的很多!我最近非常喜欢的是徐峥,开始是因为看了《泰囧》,就回去看他以前的作品。这个导演加演员,很真实很立体。他拍的东西其实挺外国片的,一反华人电影的拍摄方式。真的觉得他演得非常好!我也看完了《北京遇上西雅图》,觉得吴秀波(微博)和汤唯都很好。另外我还喜欢秦海璐(微博)(微信号:qinhailu811 ) 。



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