Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steven Ma's Family CNY Auspicious Dishes

"Auspicious Dishes" <家家行運菜>第2集: Steven Ma demostrates a Ma family's CNY special dishe - Golden Scallops  (一馬當先黃金帶子)

S: I usually cook golden prawns for the CNY but prawn dishes are common so this time will cook golden scallops instead.  Ingredients: fresh scallops, cooked salted egg yorks, butter/magarine, broccoli, starch, flour + egg for batter

1. Heat wok
2. Put some corn starch (Steven means on the scallops but Grace puts starch into the wok instead. haha)
Use fingers for even coating. Do it gently cos' scallops break easy. These scallops have been previously blanched in hot water so they are about 60-70% cooked already.

3. Add the batter onto the scallops - (egg + flour + water (?) Did not say how batter is made)

4. Deep fry each scallop briefly on medium fire until golden.

5. Blend butter and salted egg york on warm wok.  Butter's preferred cos' more fragrant than cooking oil.

6: Add scallops and coat each evenly.

And those dishes on the table? --- All done by Steven himself.

Tidbits on Steven's family CNY traditional food/dishes
When young, Steven's late mother made prawn crackers right after the clock struck midnight into the new year.  Since prawn chips expand (fa dai) when heated in hot oil so will wealth expand.

Auspicious dishes on the table pre-cooked by Steven.
1) Long Jing tea smoked chicken - can't make this dish at home -- (tn: cos' no smoke cooker?) any tea will do.

2) Braised pork knuckles with fatt choi (black seaweed) Steven learned to cook this dish from a master chef.  meat, veggie, seaweed, rock suger, star anise, ginger, scallion

related material: Steven's Golden Prawns recipe ; weibo link  2011-6-20 13:58
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  1. I will say that my mouth was watering when I saw all those dishes that Steven cooked (oh, how I wish I could have been transported to the studio at that moment so I could taste those dishes too...LOL).

    Do you know if the recipes for those particular dishes are in the cookbook that Steven came out with awhile back ago? I bought the cookbook when it came out, but never got the chance to look through it (I should probably ask my mom, since she's a cook and likes to collect all those celebrity cookbooks -- I'm pretty sure she read through the cookbook already...haha..). My mom actually made a few dishes from Gigi Wong's cookbooks recently (she's very proud of her autographed versions of them, since she's a fan of Gigi's...LOL), so I was thinking of asking her to try Steven's dishes this time around....

    1. llw12: I don't have Steven's cookbook but I don't think the recipes are in it since they are not medicinal/health based dishes.