Monday, June 20, 2011

Steven's Golden Prawn recipe

6/20 13:58 Ma Zai's Golden Prawns recipe:
Shelled the prawns leave the tail on, de-vein the prawns.
Dip prawns in beaten egg then in starch, deep fry and put aside for later.
Heat wok with butter/magarine, fry the ready cooked salted egg yolk until pasty.
Add in the prawns until they are thoroughly mixed with the salted egg yolk paste. 
Tip: The bigger the prawns the most satisfying the bite.
A dozen prawns will use about 6 salted egg yolks. 
If prawns are fresh, no need for seasoning; if frozen prawns, season with pepper.

-  in Chinese ---

马仔黄金虾做法:将虾去壳留尾,开虾背去肠洗净,沾蛋黃浆再上生粉下锅炸熟备用。用牛油起锅,将已蒸熟并压散的咸蛋黄落锅煮溶,再把虾落锅炒至虾身沾满咸 蛋黄浆即可。小贴士:虾愈大咬口愈好;以十二只大虾计算用六只咸蛋黄;若用新鲜虾不用调味,雪虾则可加少许胡椒粉腌一下。

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