Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1-19-2014 updated with tvb8 news: Steven's 1/13/2014 Interview

Steven says that his sugar free diet exacerbated his low blood sugar symptoms when he suddenly felt woozy. At first he thought maybe his streneous work out did that but rethinking it shouldn't, only then did he remember that he had not been eating sweets regularly to combat his low blood sugar.  After having a CNY family reunion dinner he will fly out for a stage performance in an undisclosed Canadian city apparently close in promixity to the Niagara Falls.  He says he would like to see the Niagara Falls in its winter wonderland scenery but the recent extreme bitterly cold weather worries him a bit.

TN: Wonder why Steven is so secretive of his stage performance venue that he won't disclose it, is it because it is a private affair?

Steven's interview when he went to HK DBC Digital Radio as guest in 2 of their radio programs 1) Cantonese Opera Channel With Tsui Yong Yong (his ex-manager);  2) 大家「真」風騷 with Kawaii and 陳彥行

Steven talking about his plans for this year.
S: Jan 1st this year, "Zhong-Hong Tao Yuan Steven Ma Work Studio " is officially in operation. Recently I just went to Beijing for a meeting with colleagues, partners and boss. We 'll all put in efforts to develop the different aspects of my artistic career in mainland.

Voiceover: Wah, Ma Jai, like Michelle Yip, you have established your own production studio?

S: Actually, I’m not a 'lo ban'. (Lo ban – /boss/owner/proprietor) because I’ve no money investment in it. That’s why I’m really grateful to the investing company behind me. We do not have the feel of boss vs employee separation. Instead we are a team.

Voiceover: So with the establishing of your company, guess you’d have a fat prosperous year?

S: A little fat, not overly fat. But ok lah! Can be considered earned a bit of money.

Voiceover: Guess, it'll a good year for you then. So what’s your feeling on 6th Uncle’s passing?

S: Wei, aren’t your question a bit too serious? Actually, I finished filming Domd in 1996; it aired in 1997 (sic 1998), I recalled during the anniversary program and the CNY program of the same year, I saw 6th Uncle. He walked towards me and said to me: “Aiya, young Emperor (wong dai jai), you did well as the young Emperor. I was very happy to hear it. My impression of him is that he was a very warm boss. He was good to his employees, both cast and crew.

source: YueYu 粤语台娱乐 aired 1/15/2014

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