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Updated: 2014 1-17 Steven celebrity guest in TVB Variety Show

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Steven as celebrity guest in "家家行運菜" 2014-01-11 recording. Co-hosts: Evergreen Ma  Grace Wong and 吳業坤

Transcript starts 00:15
E= Evergreen Ma; R=reporter; S=Steven

00:17 R: Seeing Steven’s appearance not only looking much the same as a decade ago, still as youthful, his physique has become even more ‘fit’ that ever. That’s because in his upcoming movie he may have some flesh revealing scenes, so he has been working out diligently, and the result from the past two months' work-out is not bad.

S: The result is ok; I'm up to 70 kg now.  Right now starting a diet, totally eliminate oil and sugar from it. My food is mostly boiled.

E: Wah! You who love to eat and now have to go on a diet?

Reporter: So, CNY, you won't have that many choices of food to eat?

S: After my CNY family reunion dinner I’ll be flying off to Canada for a stage performance show.  That way I can avoid..

E: Western cuisine can be oily too.
S: Rinse them all off with water.

Evergreen confirms that he will be spending the CNY with his family.  [..]

1:27 R: Besides his stage performance show, Steven also has other future plans. Earlier, he established his work studio in mainland. He has a finished script and has invited good friend, Fala Chen, to act in it.  Furthermore, Steven may also direct.

R: Ma Zai, is it true that you will have an opportunity to be a director soon?

S: First and foremost, my focus is on being an actor. Besides acting in different mainland tv series, we are now preparing our own film production, starting with our own script. Hopefully, I can also direct the film too.

R: This has been your dream?

S: Yes, it’s my dream. Ask my 2nd brother, he knows.  I always like to act like a director.

M: Haha! Act like a director.

R: This year, you’ll have the opportunity to realize that dream?

S: Hopefully, either in Hong Kong or mainland, maybe not at the same time, just in any one of them for me to realize this long time dream.

M: Definitely can, you've already done the 1st step – company is already established, right?

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