Monday, January 27, 2014

Tidbit: Chow Yun Fat's view on TVB siu sang.

Chow Yun Fat  also commended some tvb siu sang; he looks favorably on Moses Chan, Steven Ma, Bosco Wong, Bobby Au-Yeung, Vincent Wong and Raymond Wong Ho-Yin. link

Huh! Belatedly found the below videos. Either Steven's name was inadvertently omitted (doesn't look like it) or the news reporter mistakenly reported Steven's name on the favored list. Michael Tse was not on news reports but was mentioned in the video.  ontv video link ; sun news

So this is how one (lazy/negligent) reporter's mistake propagated by other (just as lazy) news agencies as facts.  If Fat gor truly did not mention Steven's name but was reported wrongly and disseminated widely, then that's awkward for Steven.

Anyway, when Fat gor first praised Moses for his performance in Can't Buy Me Love, which I thought was so horrible it was cringeworthy, I knew his and my appreciation of actors' performances differ, and now with Fat gor's favoring Michael Tse' acting too (dislike his acting since Laughing) and Raymond Wong's (though he was great in Sweetness in Salt and Bottled Passion, but his later performances left much to be desired) anyway just with these 3 actors, there is no doubt in my mind that our opinions on actors with good acting skills differed greatly. But I do like the Bosco's, Vincent's and of course like Bobby's performances.

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