Friday, February 21, 2014

snapshot thoughts on epi 5

 The 5th episode was intense. Bet it must be Ka Yeung who's behind Ka Hin's wait-it-out plan with the cocoon suppliers. The last scene with Ka Yeung is what a true cliffhanger should be -- intriguing and suspenseful. Btw how did KY and BB know when to meet up? BB is not only a prejudiced person but also possesses a split personality in how she behaves towards KY and other people.  Must say 3rd young master is truly very tolerant and patient, almost indulgent towards this loud and rude BB.  KY: "Ai, don't be so uncivilized!", so saying he conciliatingly pours a cup of tea for BB to cool down. Did he bring along that teapot of tea and cups with him?

Favorite laugh-out-loud scene
And then BB's look of utter surprise when KY unexpectedly breaks apart that concrete looking brick with his bare hands. "Wah! You're so "lei hoi gei?" And the look of smugness on KY's face to have evoked such a big reaction from BB.  Steven and Tavia truly fed off each other acting. What great chemistry!. But why is BB so loud in this scene?

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