Saturday, February 22, 2014

Suspects in SIAC

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Don't think the killer is any of the listed names or BB's brother or the father.
Hau Yee's death looks like a premeditated murder given these tangible clues: the divorce letter, the raw opium, the prearranged rendezvous at such a time in such a remote area. Did Hau Yee bring along that divorce letter with her to the rendezvous? Also keep in mind, opium is not only expensive to buy but not easy to get hold of?

So far netizens have pegged Ka Hin as the most likely perpetrator but I disagree -- besides being too obvious; he doesn't have the cool- headedness or the ruthlessness or the extremity in him to premeditate a murder or to kill in passion and afterwards behaved so normally in his daily life. Yes, a suppressed/oppressed person with an inferior complex can explode when pushed past his limit, but why now when Ka Yeung has come home, and it is no secret that their father favors Ka Yeung over him to take over the business? So he would have to kill KY too?

Though defiant,Ka Seng has a gentle personality, moreover, he is not that strong physically weakened as he is from this unknown chronic illness. Can't picture him as a ruthless premeditated murderer or someone given to sudden violence to commit a crime of passion. Moreover, it is not likely he knows of the existence of the divorce letter or opium. But from his mental collapse afterwards, he has definitely witnessed something connected to Hau Yee's death. From the sales presentation, (admittedly PS storyline can/will change) there's this scene of him discovering Hau Yee's body.

Ka Yeung maybe, possibly, perhaps knew of the divorce letter through Hau Yee's letters to him, and since he was in Yunnan (easily get hold of opium) he may have resorted to using opium to numb himself over having to kill his mentor in cold blood, and so addicted to it, he has some opium in his possession when he's home. But I doubt this scenario.

As for the rest of the listed suspect I ruled them out based on the fact that none of them knew of the existence of the divorce letter or the opium.

I propose another scenario of Hau Yee's death - that it was a staged murder/suicide by Hau Yee herself.

In Hau Yee's episodes there are subtle hints to Hau Yee's health -- I've pointed that out in my episode summaries. Her headaches and her having to steady herself from dizziness -- what do they indicate -- pregnant or a terminal illness? Did she stage her suicide to keep Ka Yeung home? -- but that seems way too drastic of a measure - she should have at least waited until he was about to leave home, right? The last scene of a Hau Yee is her looking rather contemplative and solemn, and holding this silk cloth with her hands -- what was she thinking? And then she left home late at night with a lighted lantern to guide her towards the hut. Is that light inside the hut indicating someone's inside or just the windows lightened up by the full moon?

So is Hau Yee's death premeditated or a crime of passion or a staged suicide/murder by Hau Yee herself?

Only Ka Hin knew of the divorce letter but where would he get hold of the opium so quickly unless he is an opium user himself?

Ka Yeung remains a likely suspect cos' he may have known of the divorce letter and maybe is an opium user.

Unless Hau Yee had this divorce letter in her possession when she was killed, the killer must have access to her bedroom to retrieve it immediately after she was killed, and what's more, had to know where she kept it. That took guts, cool-headedness and decisive under pressure - don't see that in any of the listed suspects except for Ka Yeung but why would he arrange a rendezvous with Hau Yee in the first place?

All that conjecture and I'm back to square one cos' I really have no idea who's the killer is. Posted Image Actually who's the killer is not that important to me -- the pleasure of watching the story gradually unfolds is . Posted Image


  1. I think the cousin brother (the one who calls 2 lo yeh yee cheong) is the killer.

    1. Your guess is just as good any anybody else. We'll just have to wait and see how the story unfolds.