Friday, February 28, 2014

epi 10 video clip and screencaps

My favorite scene in epi 10 has got to be how Ka Yeung so skillfully plays the pig to eat the tiger (扮豬吃老虎). Two words: ingenious, disingenuous. The pig-tiger ploy though time immemorial is so unexpected here; I was really curious as to how Ka Yeung would confront his uncle on the dubious expenditure account. When Ka Yeung was so agreeable and deferential to his more experienced elder's explanation, I thought that's the end of the matter, that Ka Yeung had just wanted his uncle to know he's onto him.  Little did I know then that Ka Yeung was in fact springing a trap on his uncle.  Having gotten his uncle all relax and off-guard by his 'understanding', Ka Yeung 'genially' and 'respectfully' springs the trap on his uncle successfully ensnaring the latter in his trap.  I couldn’t help but clap my hands with appreciation and laugh aloud at Sam Siu’s cunning, as he step by step nudges his crafty uncle into his entrapment.  What’s more he did all that so effortlessly, so ingeniously and so seamlessly. The look on his uncle’s face is truly priceless when belatedly he realizes that he has been had. Juxtaposition, look at that grinning, eager, expectant, disarming, ingenuous face of a disingenuous sam siu being ingenious. Haha! Steven’s performance was brilliant, simply brilliant! Haha! Steven’s performance was brilliant, simply brilliant!

        check out his posterior. [偷笑]

       listen so attentively to 2nd uncle's explanation/protestation

  Uncle ensnared
ingenuous, cunning sam siu [鼓掌]

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