Saturday, March 1, 2014

epi 10 -- snapshots with spoilers

nose ridge close-up
Can he be any more tan? The dim lighting did not help matter either.  Wonder if this shot is before or after his nose got injured?

In episode 10, how 'prophetic' and ironic are Ka Yeung's comforting words to BB when he said that if a lost pocket watch can be found Cho Yu might come back too, after all, like she always says, miracles do happen. And guess what, her elusive husband returns the very next scene. Coincidence? Nah! It's Tin Yi' (themesong title) Heaven's Will. Nah! script's will! lol!

Haiz! P.S. Wish Tavia did not have such heavy make-up on: thick cakey foundation, heavy mascara and glossy, bright lipstick. Especially in close-ups like this scene , the heavy make-up made her character so incongruous with her role and anachronistic with her time.

And this episode depicts to viewers how a rumor starts and snowballs by mixing a pinch of fact with lots of falsehood to get the tongues wagging and gossips abound, and of course behind the rumor there must be an aggrieved instigator easily manipulated by the real mastermind who stands to benefit from the rumor. One can really be hoodwinked by a 'clever' rumor; before Mrs. Poon reveals the culprit I actually thought Ka Yeung was the one who sent those guavas to the women to woo her.

Clothes made the man?

With a father like his, no wonder Ka Hin gradually turns bad.

So, Kwok Leung keeps a supply of same silk scarfs to woo women or is Yin Fung's scarf Hau Yee's?

credit two right bottom pix to akina weibo.

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