Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Please vote for Steven

please vote for Steven:
goto hk.yahoo.com/polling/ ;  click the 1st choice, then click vote

娛樂投 - (entertainment poll)

( title:《守業者》煲唔煲得過? -- Will watch SIAC?
1. 煲,因為馬浚偉 (watch, cos' of SM)
2.  唔煲,因為馬浚偉 (won't watch cos' of SM)
3. 配搭幾新鮮,俾一個禮拜時間 (cast is fresh, will give it a week)
4. 又係岳華做老豆,我驚撈亂《食為奴》 (Elliot Ngok again, will confuse with Gilded



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