Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My comment on episode 1 on AF

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Posted Yesterday, 11:50 AM
That was truly a really, absolutely amazing 1st episode -- both engrossing and fast paced.

Steven looks so handsome,
Hong Wah looks beautiful too, totally grabs the scene with her strong and overbearing 2nd miss portrayal.
Tavia, Evergreen, Maggie have their own moments too.
And the girls are all beautiful to look at.
And the scenery is wonderful!
And themesong song is excellent and beautifully sung.
I must be in heaven.

There are many enjoyable scenes for me - my most favorite scene is of course Poon's unexpected return to win the rough match for Poon family. My hero!!  Posted Image

Impending problems:
- Ka Yeung is already showing hint of PTSD.
- Hau Yee's having this frequent headaches - drugs induced?
- Ka Hin (Evergreen) - the inferior complex much pressured oldest son - made tougher by his father's low opinion of his competence and high regards for Hau Yee, who is not only younger than him but also a female at that.

- Ka Seng -- the youngest son - the proverbial youngest son- the spoiled baby of the family - interested in stage show; is he gay since he seems so enamored with an actor?

- Wan Jie -- a distant relative; Ka Hin's former love; now the head of the female employees. In epi 1, she is publicly shamed when Hau Yee viciously put her in her place before her subordinates. Wan jie has a still water runs deep personality.

- Bing Bing is an outsider, now seen by co-workers as the usurper of Wan Jie's position because of her friendship with Hau Yee.

- A distinct two factions among the female employees in the silk factory symbolically delineated by the two 2 dragon dance teams.

- The absence of Hau Yee's husband in such an important occasion as the blessing the silk goddess speaks of his disregard for his wife -- a public slap on her face.

Come, everybody, share your thoughts and opinions.

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