Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Updated Epi 8 Sam Siu -- the stealthy expert stalker; Ka Yeung and BB

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In epi 8, the difference between Ka Yeung's and BB's characters and life experiences is further delineated and contrasted. First off, my praise to both for their fine performances - their shock, disbelief, devastation and a sense of betrayal, and how they collected themselves after the shock were all brilliantly portrayed. Their individual reactions emphasized their personalities and life exposures and experiences. Ka Yeung as a man exposed to worldly views and temptations is more accepting of Haw Yee's immorality vis-a-vis BB's sheltered upbringing and conservative character. There are no two more different people thrown together by circumstances, it will be interesting to watch how they bridge the chasm in their personalities, upbringing, social status and the closed feudal society to gradually change each other pov, accept each other and come together as lovers. Ka Yeung has already started to work on BB's dogmatism to wait for the return of her 'husband'. How is BB going to wrought changes in Ka Yeung's pov?

Epi 8 the 1st inkling of that ruthless, aggressive violence lurking inside sam siu when he viciously hits Chin Gan to make him speak.

Plus he is such an expert stealthy stalker!  Flashing his innocuous smile!

Nothing can escape his penetrating all seeing eyes!

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