Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Up to episode 7: Thoughts on KA and BB

So,is KA & BB's love relationship one of the quintessential opposites attract theory? In the earlier episodes, viewers get glimpses of their individual personalities; while BB's personality is clearly delineated, her split personality notwithstanding, KA's personality is still very much a mystery to me.

BB - basically compassionate, righteous, loyal (can be blind too like her marriage), hardworking, and a transparent, outspoken personality; and on the cons, she can be impulsive and loud; not too bright at times; a prejudiced know-it-all (and definitely annoying). Undoubtedly, her innate personality is greatly shaped and influenced by the martial arts medicine practitioning environment she grew up in.

But as for Ka Yeung's personality -- a very big question mark?
- idealistic -- was, as a young untried man
- Courage is definitely one of his pros -- courage to defy his father to pursue his dreams; and courage in war and in the face of danger
- intelligent, shrewd, analytical, discerning, perceptive -- in short, a superior mind
- decisive
- coolheadedness, pragmatic,
- two faced personae-- affable and innocuous outside but devious and scheming inside
- two mental states -- outwardly normal vs inwardly tormented - a deserter, he's escape the outside war, but can't escape the insidious war waging inside his mind -- which side will finally control his mind?  Will the revelation of his sister's bad deeds or her murderer precipitate his inevitable mental collapse?

- Yep, KA is still very much an enigma to the audience so far. An innocent idealistic young man left home to become a doctor because he wanted to help hundreds of thousands of people; is that ideal still in the one who came back?

Because of his exposure to all kinds of people and stuff and encounters etc during his 5 year as medic he had seen the worst and the best in people and things he encountered and experienced, moreover, despite his privileged background he has always sees others as equal (his scene with Cho Gao), undoubtedly his sense of equality for all men is further cemented by the war.

So his treatment of the very annoying, antagonistic, impulsive and loud BB though impatient sometimes even condescending but he is never antagonistic or dismissive to her; he listens to what she had to say despite her giving him attitude every time. In fact, I think maybe after 5 years of not being in a pretty albeit annoying female's presence, he might even be subconsciously entertained by her. His sister's death is a devastating blow to him, though he had had his doubts but BB's strong conviction unequivocally anchored those doubts into a certainly, he got to be at least grateful someone on the same waveline as his?  His feeling undergone a big turnaround to the positive towards BB not when he found out about her 'married' status (he was indeed surprised) but when he unexpectedly encountered her floating those lotus lanterns on the river to memorialize the 7th day of Hau Yee's death depicting her absolute devotion and loyalty towards his sister - that to me is the moment. How can he not like her when she is so true to his dead sister whom he loved with all his heart and a heroine he had looked up to all his life. As of now, I don't see any sign of his falling in love with her, just him having a positive feeling for her, that's all.

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