Sunday, February 23, 2014

Updated 2/25/2014 with video SIAC 3rd promotional event

More pix on siac 2/22/2014
Today, the SIAC cast including Steven Ma, Evergreen Mak, Maggie Siu, Katy Kung and Matt Yeung (sans Tavia and Cilla due to other work) went to Zhang Zhou for a friendly soccer game with the local team to promote SIAC. Steven did not participate in the game itself but stayed on sideline to cheer for his team. The premier week SIAC garnered an average rating of 26 points peaked 28 pts in the epi 1. Steven is dissatisfied with the ratings and hopes they will rise.  But he is very happy with the good reception of the themesong.  He says that TVB has invited him to perform in JSG and that they also plan to do a mv for the themesong.  During dinner at night, the the organizers surprised Maggie and Matt with two birthdays for their upcoming individual birthdays.  Steven's tired just holding up the lion's head. (lol)

tvb8 source: 怡居-楊怡國際總站

Steven is so indulgent of Tavia.

Note: I wonder why pick Zhang Zhou as the promo venue?

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