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Analysis of Ka Yeung character - epi 1

Ka Yeung - a man with a past story to tell, a past so unbearable and indescribable the mere telling with words may well destroy his sanity if not his being, so he chooses to push that past in his deepest memory abyss. But his past is too volatile to stay put, a seemingly innocuous act can at anytime abruptly hijacked his mind leaving him vulnerable to its attack. He comes home looking for sanctuary but sanctuary his home is not.  His mind already under attack is further undermined by his most beloved 2nd sister's mysterious, violent death.  Just how much can a man's mind, albeit a superior one, withstand the constant bombardment of pain and betrayal from within and without? The viewers first saw him as this calm and decisive medic head, piercing eyes, clear-headed, authoritative and totally in control of his actions and his men. Behind the medic facade is a war weary, sad eyed, compassionate man who misses his home and family much. He has seen first hand the deathly work of the grim reaper.

Now for some fan's gushing --- ooh! Ka Yeung is so handsome when he made this big entrance as the dashing hero who saves the day (and face) for the Poon family.  So vibrant, so agile, so charming, so exciting, so melodramatic! ooh! Ka Yeung loves the limelight -- look at that confident smile on his face as he glides rapidly down the cable, and then take another look at his triumphant smile as his hand holds up the floral 'cannon' way up high to signal his win. I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement brought by Ka Yeung's entrance. In one short scene, Ka Yeung displays all different kinds of smiles that came straight from his heart lighting up both his face and eyes.  What a joyous homecoming for him despite his father's outward coolness to him but he has expected that.  

I love, love Ka Yeung in zhong shan costume, which absolutely brought out the class (氣質) in Steven, and brought life to Ka Yeung as a pre-modern character.  Just from his outer appearance, demeanor and posture, here's a superior man of his times: elegant, refined, insouciant, class, culture, intellectual, and confident.  (see fn1) But at closer look, the sad eyes belied his insouciance.

Feeling at peace in his familiar hometown, Ka Yeung smiles appreciatively at young innocent antics -- did the children's antics remind him of his childhood? But without warning, violent scene of his past abruptly hijacked his mind.  Scary, nightmarish scenes of war and torture and death!  No sanctuary even in his serene hometown landscape.  The idealistic young man who left home to pursue his dream as an altruistic doctor has come home from the war a changed man - what kind of man is he now?

--- read Tsui Yong Yong behind-scene reports

fn1: link1 Tsui Yong Yong's report ; link 2; tsuyy weibo

2013-09-03 12:06 In a 38 degree heat, though heart is unwell, still put on airtight costume and climbed up to the high stage to shoot a fight scene. This fighting spirit - this first class professional attitude is the reason why I admire young master so. It is also the foundation our teacher/friend friendship established on.  Young Master, continue to work hard.  Mutual encouragement.

On August 28th afternoon, Foshan’s temperature reached the high of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F). When my car arrived at the filming location in Foshan I saw a wide open space packed with people. After searching for a long time I finally saw a ‘water person’ standing in front of me. Though Steven was soaked through, his expression, fortunately, was that of delight.

 This time going to Foshan was in the afternoon of August 28th 2013 right smack in the middle of a heat wave of 38 C (100.4F); the land so hot it was suffused in haze. A group of Property Protector’s cast - the men attired in coarse, thick cloth costumes; the women dressed in layers of pre-modern costumes; all sealed from head to toes in their clothing. When the director gave the command, Steven Ma immediately did his scene, fighting from the top of a 10 feet+ elevated platform all the way down to the ground. He was on wire; he had to climb a tall hanging ladder. I saw sweat pouring incessantly from his forehead down his neck; no need to wipe the sweat off as more would pour anyway.

Aside, there was Ching Hor Wai all dressed up in 'qi pao' sitting inside a tent. Outside, the scorching sun rays beat down on the tent top. Sitting inside the tent, Ching Hor Wai persevered to finish her scene, and as soon as she was done she immediately fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Producer Uncle Choi (Leung Choi Yuen) told me that Ching Hor Wai had bronchitis. Since arriving at Foshan she was constantly in and out of the hospital, and so far she had been administered three bags of saline IV at different times in all. On the day of my visit, she was once again taken to the hospital for her 4th saline IV.


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