Sunday, February 16, 2014

updated 2/22/2014 SIAC 《天意》 MV

updated Heaven's Will MV (blurry)  link1 link2

video credit: tudou
Unfortunately, Steven did not sing the themesong live because of his nose allergy.
I love the song, and Steven sang it well. The quality of the many videos uploaded online is not the best but grateful anyway to the video uploaders. The above video misses the opening few seconds of the mv.

The complete video runs 3:32 minutes. This video below has the complete mv video but its audio quality is poor.

There is another video here  sans the opening few seconds and quality not too good either. For a superior video, we'll just have to wait for the official upload then. The poor quality of the vid and audio aside, the song itself and Steven's singing are pleasing to my ears.

And then there is this kkbox site -  audio only version -- don't know if it is extracted from one of the above videos. The kkbox media player does not play in my country.

view lyrics here

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