Monday, March 10, 2014

epi 16 SS & uncle cat and mouse play

Steven has said numerous times he would love to portray an absolute villain in a series. When reporters said Steven does not have a 'villain' look, Steven laughed and said that's exactly why his villain would be all that more chilling and unexpected because people got taken in by his exterior nice guy appearance.

In epi 16, SS hides his deviousness with a guileless smile, easy manner and outward geniality. Another one of his ingenious "pig to eat the tiger" act to play his uncle and get the better of him. SS's smile hides a sword. SS is having too much fun at his uncle's expense, but the tiger has not showed his sharpest claws yet, so SS better not become too cocky. But I do have to applaud SS for his confidence, poise and intelligence. He totally fills the boss chair with flair.



  1. LOL!!!! Lee Kwok Lun's face expression is so priceless. :D I can't stop laughing at his photo. Lee Kwok Lun looks like a little dork. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! :D

    1. The wily old fox 2nd uncle has met his match in the young disingenuous sam siu, while kwok leung is totally out of their league of shrewd phoniness.