Monday, March 10, 2014

SS and BB epi 16

Sorry to say there's no lovey dovey scenes between BB and SS. Given their sensitive situation they are placed in now because of Jo Yiu's incident, they are prudent to avoid any appearance of impropriety to the villagers.

Like this epi 16 scene, SS says Yin Fung must be feeling distressed to be the center of gossips and that they should try to help her.

BB: I understand. As the saying goes -- Gossip is a fearful thing (to be avoided). Especially in Poon Village.

BB's comment hits close to home. SS chuckles and gives BB a knowing look to let her know he grasps exactly what she means. Seeing his knowing smile and eyes, BB permits herself a hint of smile. She shyly looks down, then lifts up her head to lock eyes with SS. Words are not needed when two hearts connect. Sweet feelings are to be savored, not rushed.

Above pix, SS looks indulgently at BB, hanging onto her every word.

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