Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts on epi 24

 Ka Hin is on the road of no return to wreck destruction on the Poon family. Still think he is Mr. Poon's own biological son not Boss Cheung's.

Looks like the probability is high for him to turn evil, cos' in the preview apparently he ratted Ka Yeung to the army. Mr. Poon believes that Ka Hin is his biological son, only Ka Hin's mother knows for sure whether he or Cheung is Ka Hin's real birth father. I believe Mr. Poon had an affair with Yee Hong to get her pregnant and him a son while Cheung was locked up in a prison on a trumped up charged. Cheung knows he is not KH's father but lies to make KH think so.

I also think Cheung did something to make Yee Hong's mute so she can't talk and speak the truth. Her days are numbered - Cheung will have her dead when she has outlived her usefulness to convince Ka Hin is his and her child and that Mr. Poon snatched their son (Ka Hin) from them. Yee Hong looks very agitated -- is it because of her seeing her son and Mr. Poon again after all these years or is it because she is trying to signal to them that Cheung is holding her hostage and her life is in danger?

Anyway, I still hold out hope that Ka Hin did go through a dark period but in the end repents for what he did to Ka Yeung, and not become evil. His father did him wrong but his brothers didn't. Even if his father does not love him, his brothers do.

I think Mr. Poon can't bear the sight of Ka Hin because he reminds him that his beloved 1st wife actually died of melancholia and a broken heart because of his devious scheme to get a son. Instead of blaming himself indirectly causing his wife's death he conveniently placed it all on Ka Hin.

Question: Which Stevia's scenes in epi 24 you like better:jumping from bridge onto the boat or riding the bike recklessly down the hill slope? BB is totally putty (lam) in his hands, SS is just too irresistible. Anyone noticed that BB yelled Ka Yeung instead of Sam Siu. haha! The dialogues are somewhat old fashioned but oh so sweet!

I love his messy, windswept hair look -- look so carefree and boyish and his face sparkles with such exuberance, so alive, and so full of life, and then the song in the background just made it perfect -- nothing is impossible when SS puts his mind to it, and what a fine mind he has, all BB has to do is to believe he can and so by extension she can too.

I love the reckless bike run down the slope better -- wheeeeeee! The rush of adrenaline from speeding down the mountain slope, the wind blowing on the face, the expanse of the mountain landscape, his daredevil recklessness and excitement are so contagious - I can't help but whoooop with him. Wish he had picked up BB when he got off his bike and swung her exuberantly around and around until they both became dizzy and fall down in a heap on the ground --sound too corny? Anyway were I BB I would be a tinny bit apprehensive too. I love how SS laughs away her worry with so much self-confidence and youthful bravado!


  1. Wow...looks like you read my mind because I was actually thinking the exact same thing about the whole Ka Hin / Mr Poon / Cheung / Yee Hung thing. Like I said in AF, my money is definitely on Ka Hin being Mr. Poon's son for the reasons I stated in there -- plus the fact that they made Yee Hung so conveniently 'mute'...what would be the need for doing that if there wasn't something to hide? Totally agree that Cheung was the one who made her mute and I have a feeling it has something to do with that drink he gave her (she can't even speak, so it's not like her mouth would get dry from saying too need to take a sip of something in the middle).

    It's mom and I have been discussing the plot of SIAC every night as we watch. She keeps asking me when the episode summaries come out because she wants to know what happens next...LOL. She has actually always liked Steven's acting, but I think this series made her an official 'fan' of his...she keeps gushing about what a great job he's doing in this series (believe me, she doesn't do that often...she's usually pretty neutral when it comes to TVB...and there aren't very many current artists that she actually likes to the point of praising

  2. "Totally agree that Cheung was the one who made her mute and I have a feeling it has something to do with that drink he gave her (she can't even speak, so it's not like her mouth would get dry from saying too need to take a sip of something in the middle). "

    I totally overlooked that clue -- good catch.
    Haven't watched ep1 25 yet

  3. I like your mom. I'm partial to people to who gush about Steven, lol! Let's how the series does not end on a whimper.

    1. mom is definitely loving Steven right now. She even re-watched Safeguards and Land of Wealth recently because she felt that only watching 1 episode of SIAC every night wasn't enough to satisfy her Steven fix...haha! Anyway, she asked me whether Steven and Tavia's characters will have a good ending in SIAC...I told her that I honestly don't know, but I surely hope so....