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Fala Chen tells Steven Ma to earn less money

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A few days ago (Mar 19th) Steven Ma was hospitalized for health problem. After resting for a day he returned to work. Yesterday before departing for San Francisco USA for his two-show concert, this reporter asked Steven if he was worried about flying here and there so soon after his hospitalization. He said:

"I've brought along my meds and will follow the doctor's order to not overexert myself. When I was in the hospital my blood pressure spiked up. But when I was discharged it went down to systolic 96 and diastolic 60, reversely becoming low blood pressure, so when I get back to Hong Kong I need to do another physical examination.  I've received many phone calls from friends including Evergreen Mak, Stephen Wong Ka Lok, Yeung Ming, Tavia Yeung, Dexter Yeung, Linda Chung and Fala Chen inquiring about my health. Made me feel very warm indeed.  Fala Chen was so naughty, she actually said: "Ah gor, (big brother) don't you work so hard to earn money lah; earn more money, more wealth, weaker health. You can share your earnings with me, I help you spend it."  I quipped: "Now I've to work even hard to earn money to pay for my medicines lah!"

When the news of Steven's hospitalization spread, the concert organizer was very concern of his health condition.  Steven's doctor had advised him to rest but because of the good faith issue Steven decided to go ahead with his concert.

When asked the cause of his illness Steven said: "The official report is not out yet but my heart's problem is a chronic condition.  Also, years ago when filming "Change of Destiny《天機算》my right eye was injured by a horse's head, and shifted my eyeball slightly. So that day when I suddenly felt dizzy and my eyes saw flashing lights, I was worried I had retinal detachment so I immediately went to the hospital. From the doctor's preliminary examination, even though there was no retinal detachment but because of its past injury, right eye's vitreous has signs of atrophy." 

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