Thursday, March 6, 2014

epi 14 Thoughts

epi 14
The destructive "storm" has passed leaving in its wake the total devastation of several lives – that of Jo Yiu’s widowed mother, his younger sister and his bride-to-be. How each one of them picks up her life is revealing of her mettle and character. Of the three women, BB is the considerably more fortunate because she knows the whole truth therefore enlightened whereas the other two did not. When they rejected the ‘truth’ they inadvertently opening up their hearts to insidious evil that feeds upon hatred to eventually consume their minds, in the process, changing their whole attitude towards life and of course towards BB, who had been a faithful rock to them for the past two years. How would BB have reacted had she not personally witnessed the Jo Yiu’s greed and evil doings?

Anyway, BB’s protective mother hen traits are in full overdrive for her ‘chicks’. Though still mentally traumatized and physically hurting from the Jo Yiu’s betrayal and death, BB is however more concerned of Jo Kuan Jie’s and La Gyun’s feelings and situation.

And good news, Ka Sheng seems to have made a big leap in mental recovery. But why is Ka Hin so concerned on whether Ka Sheng can recall the event prior to and on the day of Hau Yee's death? In the sales presentation (which we all know can change drastically) there is this scene whereby Ka Sheng is crouching at Hau Yee's body to check if she's breathing. She's dead all right. Why was he there in the first place? Did he bump into Ka Hin when fleeing the scene or going into his room, so spilled everything to latter? Cos’ I still don’t believe Ka Hin killed Hau Yee.

Must say my respect for Mr. Poon has increased a notch, but why is he so mean to Ka Hin when he is so tolerant of his own brother?

 I also like it that Ka Yeung admits though he had to kill Jo Yiu's in self defense he was partly at fault in how the whole incident played because of his handling of the situation.

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