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Thoughts-in-progress on Suspects list

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epi 14: Opera singer/actor San Len Bo's name is once again brought up, this time by Ka Hin asking Ka Seng if he remembers SLB's coming over. (to the festival) Why so much attention put on this kalafe character? Very suspicious! Of course per another theory, Ka Hin himself could very well be the killer hence his concern and bombardment of questions, which of course did not go unnoticed by the very discerning Ka Yeung.

Bet in this themevideo scap Ka Seng finally recovered his memory of Hau Yee's death. Ka Sheng's brothers comforted him and together they grieved for their loss of their beloved sister.

scaps from tvbI SIAC sales presentation video

AF post# 19 Posted Today, 06:56 PM  Just thought of another suspect - that opera singer - San Leng Bo. Frankly when I was watching episode 1, I was puzzled by his scene, exactly what was the purpose of his grand entrance except to cause a stir among the guests (esp. the women) and to excite Ka Seng? (Truth be told I was a bit disappointed by this so called "yuk shu lam fung" opera actor/singer." ) I was further surprised by 2nd Uncle's warm welcome to a mere opera actor albeit famed, though Mr. Poon totally ignored him.

And now in episode 14 when Ka Seng brings up his love for opera again and how Hau Yee rebuked him for his fervor for opera -- condemning the arts as being beneath their status. In the episode 1, San came to the festival to say his goodbye and to thank the Poon family for their patronage. Could it be that San was the extortionist and when he went to meet with Hau Yee, somehow Ka Seng unexpectedly followed him (his idol) to the hut and saw everything without San knowing? And when fleeing the scene he bumped into Ka Hin at home, to cover up Ka Seng's crime Ka Hin made it look like suicide. That's why Ka Hin is so concerned as to whether Ka Seng can recall the day or night Hau Yee's death.  But what actually killed Hau Yee -- asphyxiation or poison (cos' of her bleeding orifices)

In the sales presentation Ka Seng kneels besides Hau Yee's body with his finger at her nose to test if she is still breathing. But understand that sp video is often differs from the actual production. And Ka Yeung is seen hugging Ka Hin -why?

AF post#16  Posted 03 March 2014 - 02:52 PM
After watching Ka Hin's drunken scene in epi 11 whereby he says it's not that he doesn't want to the dong ka status but that he doesn't want to fight over it, I find it hard to believe a pacifist like him would kill, deliberately or accidentally for gains. 

AF post# 16 Posted 27 February 2014 - 08:28 PM
I don't think it is Mrs. Poon because instead of killing her own daughter, she would have first put something inside the latter's food to induce miscarriage, after all Hau Yee was only 1 month into her pregnancy. If really want to kill Hau Yee, then poison would be the weapon to use instead of feeble Mrs. Poon asphyxiating the stronger Hau Yee with bare hands? with a cushion? What? And if it was a premeditated crime hence a pillow or a cushion (even then it is far-fetched because no way could Mrs. Poon be strong enough to overcome Hau Yee) then Mrs. Poon is a monster to have killed her own daughter in cold blood -- definitely not bear thinking -- don't think tvb would dare go that route.

edited: Dr. Poon (KY) has said that Hau Yee's death was due to asphyxiation, but why the bleeding orifices if poisoning is not the cause of her death? 

AF#12  Posted 27 February 2014 - 04:41 PM
(in response to AF post# 8) Your hunch that Hau Yee ratted on Ka Hin's plan to elope with Bik Wan to their father may be right but that has been so long time ago. Why now? Maybe because Ka Hin has just recently found out about her duplicity, but angered enough to kill? I've indeed noticed the scene of Ka Hin going ballistic on his dad but that doesn't mean he killed Hau Yee. It does however show he is capable of violence. His 'Ka Yeung will never return' is because I guess he somehow finds out about Ka Yeung being a deserter (so reported in tvb weekly), so to get rid of him he rats on Ka Yeung's whereabouts to the army authority hence Ka Yeung's arrest on his and BB's wedding day.

Since nobody but them three (Hau Yee, her husband and him) knew about the letter, there is absolutely no reason to incur his father's wrath by revealing that detail to anybody. Nobody could be any wiser to that fact. When husband implicates him he can simply deny.

AF#7  Posted 26 February 2014 - 12:00 PM
^The thought of parents killing their child for any reason is way too heinous for me to entertain so not going down that path.Well, episode 8 eliminates Chin Gan as a suspect. 

AF#5  Posted 25 February 2014 - 06:52 PM 
Guess I can scratch out Hau Yee committing suicide because in episode 7.KY and BB discovered that Hau Yee was not sick but pregnant, so no way would she be cruel as to kill her unborn baby by committing suicide. 

AF#4 Posted 22 February 2014 - 10:03 AM 
Don't think the killer is any of the listed names or BB's brother or the father.
Hau Yee's death looks like a premeditated murder given these tangible clues: the divorce letter, the raw opium, the prearranged rendezvous at such a time in such a remote area. Did Hau Yee bring along that divorce letter with her to the rendezvous? Also keep in mind, opium is not only expensive to buy but not easy to get hold of?

Ka Hin:- So far netizens have pegged him as the most likely perpetrator but I disagree -- besides being too obvious; he doesn't have the cool- headedness or the ruthlessness or the extremity in him to premeditate a murder or to kill in passion and afterwards behaved so normally in his daily life. Yes, a suppressed / oppressed person with an inferior complex can explode when pushed past his limit, but why now when Ka Yeung has come home, and it is no secret that their father favors Ka Yeung over him to take over the business? So he would have to kill KY too?

Ka Seng:- Though defiant, he has a gentle personality, moreover, he is not that strong physically weakened as he is from this unknown chronic illness. Can't picture him as a ruthless premeditated murderer or someone given to sudden violence to commit a crime of passion. Moreover, it is not likely he knows of the existence of the divorce letter or opium. But from his mental collapse afterwards, he has definitely witnessed something connected to Hau Yee's death. From the sales presentation, (admittedly PS storyline can/will change) there's this scene of him discovering Hau Yee's body.

Ka Yeung:- maybe, possibly, perhaps knew of the divorce letter through Hau Yee's letters to him, and since he was in Yunnan (easily get hold of opium) he may have resorted to using opium to numb himself over having to kill his mentor in cold blood, and so addicted to it, he has some opium in his possession when he's home. But I doubt this scenario.

As for the rest of the listed suspect I ruled them out based on the fact that none of them knew of the existence of the divorce letter or the opium.

I propose another scenario of Hau Yee's death - that it was a staged murder/suicide by Hau Yee herself.

In Hau Yee's episodes there are subtle hints to Hau Yee's health -- I've pointed that out in my episode summaries. Her headaches and her having to steady herself from dizziness -- what do they indicate -- pregnant or a terminal illness? Did she stage her suicide to keep Ka Yeung home? -- but that seems way too drastic of a measure - she should have at least waited until he was about to leave home, right? The last scene of a Hau Yee is her looking rather contemplative and solemn, and holding this silk cloth with her hands -- what was she thinking? And then she left home late at night with a lighted lantern to guide her towards the hut. Is that light inside the hut indicating someone's inside or just the windows lightened up by the full moon?

So is Hau Yee's death premeditated or a crime of passion or a staged suicide/murder by Hau Yee herself?

Only Ka Hin knew of the divorce letter but where would he get hold of the opium so quickly unless he is an opium user himself?

Ka Yeung remains a likely suspect cos' he may have known of the divorce letter and maybe is an opium user.

Unless Hau Yee had this divorce letter in her possession when she was killed, the killer must have access to her bedroom to retrieve it immediately after she was killed, and what's more, had to know where she kept it. That took guts, cool-headedness and decisive under pressure - don't see that in any of the listed suspects except for Ka Yeung but why would he arrange a rendezvous with Hau Yee in the first place?

All that conjecture and I'm back to square one cos' I really have no idea who's the killer is. Posted Image Actually who's the killer is not that important to me -- the pleasure of watching the story gradually unfolds is . Posted Image

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