Thursday, March 13, 2014

epi 19 thoughts on Ka Hin's motive

Epi 19

AF#44 Posted March 13, 07:46 PM
Everybody, place your bet on who caused Hau Yee's death!

My bet is on Ka Seng who accidentally caused Hau Yee's death. Maybe he tried to run away from home to join the opera troupe who were just leaving town but Hau Yee stopped him, and in the scuffle he accidentally caused her death. (how?) Ka Hin covers up his crime for him. Ka Seng recovers his full memory on the incident. He can't bear the truth so he tries to commit suicide but is rescued by Ka Yeung. His brothers comforted him. He decides to leave home to get away from it all.


repost AF#43  posted March 13 4:34

I don't think Ka Hin is the actual culprit; I think he is protecting someone - my initial thought was Ka Seng. But in epi 19 I find Bik Wan's reaction to be very suspicious when Ka Hin tells her of Ka Yeung's suspicion of him. Obviously she already knows of Hao Yee's and Kwok Leung's murders. (But how is not shown) What seems off to me about Bik Wan's reaction is her question: "What are we going to do?" instead of "What are you going to do"?

Why can't Ka Hin come clean with Ka Yeung? If he himself is willing to protect Ka Seng, what makes him think that Ka Yeung wouldn't do the same too? His confession to Ka Yueng will not only clear up the air between them, but may even stop Ka Yeung from helping Ka Seng to recover his lost memory? And SS has given Ka Hin to come clean with him on several occasions. So now I'm uncertain that Ka Seng is the killer? But pretty sure Ka Hin is covering up for someone -- who? Ka Seng, Mr. Poon or Bik Wan? - these are the people closest to him.

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