Thursday, March 13, 2014

weibo 2014 mar Chubby looking Steven

Steven looking quite chubby recently because of his daily intake of protein powder to build up muscles.

2014-3-13 14:28
Read many comments that I'm fat....true. I too feel that my face is chubby. What to do, guess it's the side effect of drinking weight gain protein powder ba! But don't worry, when muscles mass is attained I will lose the weight. I won't let myself become a piggy bun.  But meanwhile, please be tolerant, and temporarily dubbed me Chu Chun Wai (豬浚偉) ba heehee! P.S.  SIAC episode 19 tonight.

最近看到很多留言都說我胖了......的確是的,自己也感覺臉也是肉肉的,沒法子,飲增重奶粉的副作用吧!但請放心,當肌肉長得差不多,我就會減肥的,我是不會讓自己變成豬仔包的,不過這段日子,就請大家包容一下,讓我暫時改名叫豬浚偉吧嘻嘻!p.s.守業者 今晚第十九集


3/13/2014 16:16 Don't worry, if I want to lose weight I can do it very quickly! As to what kind of protein powder, you all can find it in the health food stores !  Also, please don't use bb to describe me. To call such a big ma lat lou (tn: an unprepossessing man with coarse manner.) bb,  besides wanting to puke is still is the urge to puke   [吐][吐][吐] 另外,拜託切勿用bb來形容我,咁大個麻甩佬叫bb,除了想嘔、還是想嘔

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