Friday, March 28, 2014

epi 29 sc requiem to the dead

The precise split second when Ka Yeung vows to make Cheung Ji Yan pay for his father's death. 

Vow made, Ka Yeung composes himself but be rest assured he will wreak vengeance. In that instance, Ka Yeung has turned into another 'Cheung Ji Yan' out for blood. How will this cycle of revenge end?

 When words are inadequate, music can better express the ineffable feelings

exerting self-control

The facade of a controlled calmness - almost serene. "Father, rest in peace!" And imbued in those words is a silent vow of a son to his father that he will avenge his death - whatever it takes. The tearless Ka Yeung has reverted back to that 'calm' medic doctor in war.

A new chapter in life for Poon Ka Yeung.

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