Friday, March 28, 2014

3/28/2014 News: 3 things Steven Ma advised by doctor to abstain from


Recently, Steven's health was not in tiptop condition but he still had to fly over to San Francisco, USA, to hold a two-show concert.  Both shows were full house and the audiences' responses were fervent. The concert organizer especially arranged for an orchestra of young musicians to accompany Steven's performance, and although this was their first time collaboration there were sparks.  The organizer was very satisfied with Steven's performance and had invited him to return for another concert in the US.

Because Steven had agreed to his doctor's "3 abstinence" advice prior, he was permitted to leave Hong Kong for his US concert, the 3 things to abstain from are: alcohol, coffee and intensity. Steven said he was very obedient during his US trip.  He said no coffee, no alcohol, that's fine; but to quit being intense that will test his willpower.  Because all these years he is very serious and demanding in his work, and because of his intensity people working with him may feel pressured.  But since his body has already sent out a warning alarm Steven has to learn to let go.  Steven said: "While in America, my footsteps slowed down.  My brain did not immediately think of work first thing in the morning when I woke up everyday.  In this relax mood, I went jogging or strolling.  Slowing down evoked a different kind of feeling.  I was also very relax during my shows thus enjoyed myself immensely, so the standard of my singing was even better than before."

Steven will return to the hospital in a few days' time to read the medical reports. He wants to find out the cause for his spiking high blood pressure a few days ago. Last year when he was in Beijing filming a movie he also felt numbness on his head, neck and brain; his fear of stroke stalks him. 

source: wenweipo

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  1. I am glad to hear that his concerts and everything he did in the US went well and that he got invited to come to the U.S. again. I do wish to see him perform in the future...