Friday, March 28, 2014

epi 29

Epi 29 is a tear jerker. The saddest portion for me is Ka Hin and Bik Wan's last scene together. I knew it would be hard to watch but I was just bawling through the whole scene. Now, it would be Bing Bing's turn to feel bad for her harsh words to Bik Wan, imagine calling her Chor Gau's murderer -- such a cruel accusation. This reminds us cruel words can push one over the limit to disastrous consequences -- first Ka Hin now Bik Wan.

So, the weibo message pages under 守業者 , are tears flooded after watching epi 29. The 'funniest' entry is from this middle age man.

Who's the scriptwriter for SIAC? Show yourself, I want to beat you to death, beat you to death. (da sei nei) Are you human? One after another dying in the story. Sadness, wave after wave, making me, this calm and steady middle aged man, his heart feeling pain again and again. weibo link Posted Image Posted Image

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