Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hau Yee's scene before her death

I'm so happy to see Hau Yee in flash back. I rewatch the scene on epi before Hau Yee left home. I especially intrigued by that bottle on her table - alcohol/poison/lamp kerosene? Hau Yee has this floral scarf drapes over her right hand while her left hand gently, absentmindedly, caresses it. Looking pensive, her eyes have this contemplative, faraway look as she ponders over something monumental. Should she or should she not - Do what? Chin up; resolute look, she would do it; her decision made, she leaves promptly. What struck me is her relatively blank look aside from her resolute, determined expression, and sad eyes. Am I reading too into it? I've already eliminated suicide because of her known pregnancy but why the pervasive feel of sadness about her?

What is the cause of her death? Obviously some poison but not opium since Ka Yeung has eliminated that with his handy silver needle. What kind of poison would cause bleeding from a person's eyes, nose and ears?


bottom two uploaded on Akina weibo, but not out in any episodes yet.

Interestingly, her scarf looks similar to the one Kwok Leung gives to Yin Fung link epi 10

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