Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heaven's Will in Steven's new album

2014-03-11 17:30  

 Steven with Johnny Yim (Heaven's Will music compiler/arranger, ) and Producer Leung Choi Yuen in the studio to record Heaven's Will for Steven's new music album.

@材叔:由於守業者第一次同音樂大師Johnny Yim合作 今天竟在錄音室再遇見 親見大師落塲混音風彩 監製馬仔新唱片 鏗鏘細緻 巳經有聽完再聽的衝動 因為「守業者」的追兇大計 按下不表 等到這天碟面世 再飽耳福!

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