Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Epi 17 Maggie Siu's scene

Episode 17 is a juxtaposed of two different love relationship – there’s the germinating sweet romance of SS and BB’s relationship and then there’s the past heartbreaking romance of Ka Hin and Bik Wan’s relationship. -- sweet first then bitter.

I want to commend Maggie for her outstanding performance in epi 17’s last scene, obviously placed as a powerful emotional cliffhanger. Although Maggie’s performance has been outstanding from the onset she outdid herself in epi 17 last scene as the broken Bik Wan sobbing inconsolably, her pain so excruciating she can’t contain it inside her anymore, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HEARTACHE IS AT ALL!”  Overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions, Bik Wan sobs out a deep hidden secret - so horrifying she can't finish her sentence-but she has no need to as the image of her aborting her baby in the previous episode flashed thru my mind. The last image as credits roll was Ka Hin’s shocked face. How would he react to such a bombshell?  Would he feel more for Bik Wan's pain or shock that she would do such an immoral act, or regret for the loss of their baby?

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  1. Maggie's crying/sobbing scene is outstanding!!