Saturday, March 8, 2014

Revised: Steven's CA concert in March -

Eta pix

Sigh! Shake head at Steven's hairstyle. The bangs is so unbecoming on him. And speechless at his circus ringmaster garb, too. 

More pix on 劉明珠 fb - 2014-03-23 Cache Creek Casino Resort

Grab the tickets while they last. I've just checked the online tickets available for sale.  The 1 pm show has been sold out but there are still limited tickets left for the 4 pm show.

Steven Ma  and Shiny Liu Concert
Cache Creek Casino Resort, Brooks, CA USA
Club 88 - 1 pm & 4 pm
Date: Sunday, March 23
Ticket prices: $108 / $78 / $58

eta: Sandy has confirmed that Steven will be holding the concert as scheduled link

Neither Steven nor his HK manager Sandy Lau (despite my weibo query a month ago to her) has said anything about this concert, never mind confirmed it. I've to say I really can't understand the low profile over this concert, unless Steven is still uncertain of his schedule despite the concert coming up in just two weeks' time.

related c-box chat
My thanks to StevenMaFan for apprising me of Steven's CA concert. Thank you.

26 Feb 14, 09:10 PM
StevenMaFan: Tamaya do you have any news of Steven's March concerts? I've checked online and only see Northern California Cache Creek on March 23rd, idk if that's confirmed

 28 Feb 14, 10:54 AM
tamaya: I've tagged sandy lau on weibo with the concert question but no response. Maybe you can call up the cache creek on the phone to inquire?
8 Mar 14, 12:55 AM
StevenMaFan: for those who are in Northern California, so far this is what I see online: website

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