Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updated thoughts on Sam Siu and Bing Bing

Risking cyber lynch, one distraught soul, out of ‘true love’ for Sam Siu, (as opposed to Steven Ma) declares openly on her thread that she really hopes Sam Siu won’t end up with BB. Her reason is understandable being that she couldn't bear to see SS hurt, given the era and the closed feudal society they live in his romance with BB will only bring him and her too, heartaches and heartbreak turning his life and that of his family's upside down all for the love of a woman.  Of course the reverse can be said of BB fans too - BB, get away from SS, you'll only get hurt, so not worth it.

As expected, her thread immediately evoked distressed howls from equally distraught Stevia fans, “Just how difficult is it for Stevia to have at least one happy ending, huh, huh?” Anyway, the thread got me thinking two things. First, is an ill-fated love relationship worth the pain and suffering it can and will cause both parties and their respective families? Second, can Bing Bing and Sam Siu surmount the social obstacles and customs of their times to have a happily ever after ending?

Putting aside the first question – too philosophical, I want to write on the 2nd question in the context of personality, death and the process of change of whether they can have a happy ending in the end.
Putting aside their social backgrounds and upbringing, outwardly SS and BB couldn’t be more different in personalities as depicted in the earlier episodes. (Still don’t see the need for BB’s initial loud and rude conduct towards SS) Their differences notwithstanding, their common characteristics, shared circumstances and their mutual respect and admiration for each other bonded them.

~~~common characteristics ~~~
First and foremost: both have an obstinate and fighting spirit
SS: a 5 year army medic veteran, fights for his medical doctor dream, and later will fight for his marriage to BB. And BB is the ultimate fighting (clucking) mother hen king. Lol! (other traits ref: personality link1 epi 7 link2 epi8)

Open minded vs mind opened;
From the onset SS possesses an open mind that is receptive to new ideas and outside influences; his mind is further opened but at the same time also traumatized by his war experiences and is almost destroyed by the Jo Yiu's evilness and his own comrades’ betrayal.  How much influx of ugliness and evilness can an open mind take in before becoming numb for self-preservation or else risk going insane? 

BB’s mind has hitherto been sheltered and prejudiced by her upbringing and surrounding. Unlike SS’s 5 year gradual initiation into the depth of human wickedness, her eyes and mind are instantly, abruptly and forcibly wrenched opened by Jo Yiu’s evilness and betrayal. So shocking was the face of evil her mind instantly shut down as she hyperventilated in recollection.

But now that her mind is open up and her prejudice discarded BB is definitely viewing SS in a positive light hence can see beyond his status to connect with his person.

Courage in the face of death
Cliche, but death or near death can instantaneously and drastically change one's perspective in life and in people. SS can totally relate to BB’s close call with death, her grief, her sorrow, her self-guilt, and her sense of betrayal all rolled into one big mixture of confused emotion - he has been through all that. While SS’s war experiences have gradually turned him into a cynical man, how will BB's brush with death and the betrayal at the hand of her beloved "husband" change her?But of BB's innate compassionate nature for the others I'm sure that will never change. Even when in physical pain and mental anguish herself she feels SS's pain as she did for Kuan Jie's and Lai Kuen's.

Both BB and SS faced injuries and death with courage and fortitude. SS’s inborn courage is undeniable as depicted in his numerous war flashbacks and his refusal to submit. BB’s courage is no less than SS's, fortified as it is  with her sense of justice. She jumps instinctively in front of SS to protect him – her outrage against such blatant injustice was such that she forgot her own safety. (recall childhood game – the eagle and mother hen) Their courage and fortitude in the face of death evoke in them a mutual respect and admiration and compassion for each other's character.  When BB puts her hand over SS's hand to silently comfort him, they are forever bonded.  They have protected each other from death.  They have looked into the face of death and survived. They are wrecked with guilt for causing the death of another.  They have felt the pain of betrayal by another.  They have looked into each other's soul deep within. 

The immutable process of change
Change is inevitable in any era.  SS has come home a changed man.  He is not afraid of changes and will even fight to effect changes to benefit himself and BB.  From the preview of their marriage scene, guess BB must have taken courage from SS's strength to challenge the old tradition and marry SS.  

Given their indomitable and courageous personalities unless it is Heaven's Will to keep them apart after bonding them, I'm sure these two will prevail all obstacles to be together in the end. They'll have a happy ending!! PLEASE!

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