Monday, March 31, 2014

Steven Ma having dinner with co-stars to watch SIAC finale

《守業者》收35點 馬浚偉貼半裸照
The night before (Sunday) SIAC 《守業者》aired its 2 hour finale. Cast members including Steven Ma, Matt Yeung, Helen Ma Elliot Ngok, Katy Kung, Producer Leung,  etc  had a get together dinner to watch the finale.  It just happened that HK  was under a black rainstorm high alert on that day.  SIAC finale garnered an average rating of 32 points and peaked at 35 points (Note: the peak rating of 35 was wrongly reported, the actual siac peak rating was 36 points). To celebrate its high rating Steven yesterday  uploaded for the first time on his weibo a topless pix of himself to reveal the muscles he has developed from his assiduous workouts.  

credit:  singpao 2014-04-01 06:44:00


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  1. Tamaya - could you please publish the topless photo of Steven Ma on your blog?

    1. Just uploaded that photo. Even Steven can't escape the pull of Vanity to buff himself up! haha!