Monday, March 31, 2014

Steven's topless selfie to celebrate high rating

2014-3-31 14:16
@材叔 告知昨晚平均32最高35,感恩,也為昨晚的天氣異常沒造成人命傷害而感謝主!p.s.從沒發過赤膊照,就當是感謝大家支持!遠一點、黑一點,感覺壯一點,抱歉抱歉嘻嘻!

Uncle Choi informed that last night's rating average was 32 peaked at 35. Thanks! Also praise the Lord that last night's inclement weather did not cause cause bodily injuries! P.S. had never uploaded a topless pix before, so consider this as my thanks for your support!  A little bit farther away, a little bit darker, will give a buffier illusion. Sorry, sorry, heehee!

Note: May I say coquetry in a grown man is so unbecoming?  If want to show off body then do so with confidence and not act bashful. Anyway sorry to say, Steven's torso in the pix looks soft and flabby, not firm and muscled.  Am surprised that Steven would actually resort to taking off clothes to 'reward' fans for their support -- what next to his fans pandering?

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