Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steven Ma hospitalized


Steven Ma has a chronic heart condition and needs to carry his medicine with him at all times for emergency use.  Yesterday, he was sighted at the Elizabeth hospital accompanied by a woman.  After he was hospitalized he replied this reporter's text messages explaining his health condition. He said he suddenly felt dizzy and that his blood pressure went off the chart so he went to the hospital for a check. And his blood pressure shot up to 180 when the nurse checked it.  The doctor hospitalized him for observation.

eta: 3/20/2014 He underwent a battery of tests to diagnose his malaise thus did not get much sleep at all. Despite all the tests taken, the attending doctor could not diagnose the root of his sudden ailment. Because he was still out of sorts and needed rest, Steven canceled his appearance in TVB《勁歌金曲》recording session the next day (3/19).  But he confirmed he would attend the scheduled SIAC bus tour promotion on 3/20/2014.  Despite his worrisome health condition he will fly off to US on March 21 as planned to hold his scheduled sold out 2-show concert.  Only when back from his US concert will he visit his family doctor to get to the root of his malaise. 

Note: Steven, get well soon.  So worrisome!

To read more on his chronic heart condition read his 2013 radio interview transcript

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