Sunday, March 16, 2014

thoughts on epi 20

AF# 37

^BB has yet to discern the significance of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. Seems like she has compassion and empathy for everybody but the Poon family. That's her prejudice from young of separating us (villagers) vs them (land/business owner). From the very start her goal is to find bring Hau Yee's killer to justice, regardless who that person is -- she even persuaded Ching Gan to confess his crime to the police when she thought he was the killer, so when the Poon brothers plan to cover up Ka Seng's crime, she was immediately outraged. But I think in the next scene she relented her righteous stance.

Talking of which, very interesting that two of her colleagues, Ji Ching and Bik Wan, have mentioned to BB Ka Yeung's interest in her. And Bik Wan goes right into the matter, what if Ka Yeung was the one in trouble would she do what Bik Wan did for Ka Hin?

As for Ka Seng -- still unbelievable how volatile and deadly his temper is -- if he had killed once in uncontrollable temper, would he commit a similar crime of passion with another person in the future? Can't use he could not control himself as an excuse to acquit him of such a heinous crime but mitigating situation does arouse the audiences' sympathy because his remorse is heartfelt. I can totally understand BB's outrage in the cover up but then I can also see the Poon brothers' urge to protect their younger-- what good is it to prosecute Ka Seng now for his crime - if Hao Yee were alive, what would she do? Going to jail, Ka Seng might as well die now cos' his life in the prison would be worse than death. What a dilemma! But yea, BB could be less harsh with her condemnation of Ka Hin, but I do understand her concern is more for Bik Wan's plight.

A picture's worth a 1000 words to go right into the crux of the matter, and in this case, right into the hearts of these 3 players.   The teary-eyed big brother's perceptible sigh of relief at hearing that Ka Yeung will protect their young brother, Ka Seng. The stoic, troubled Ka Yeung in finding out the truth and the heartbreaking consequences of his actions. The hostile, disbelief look of BB at Ka Yeung's double standard in covering up Ka Seng's crime; all three feelings of the moment are brilliantly portrayed and captured on this the freeze moment screencap before the imminent storm to come.  Ka Yeung must have felt that he is in a deja vu  -- his wanting to do good but in the end caused the death of his mentor and now precipitating destruction for both his two brothers. So, in the end is it better to go after the stark truth, and in the progress causing much harm to other people?  Is knowing the truth always better than not knowing?

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