Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thoughts on epi 20

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Hau Yee's death mystery unraveled

Anyway, I was wondering could Ka Yeung have averted the tragedy had he come home earlier, even a week would have made a big difference. Because of Ka Hin's mild character, average business acumen and low self esteem (don't want to say weak - cos' he not that) Hau Yee's innate domineering trait was conversely reinforced by the need of a heavy hand (because of her gender) to run the family business. Absolute power corrupts and the unbearable, unrelenting stress over time soon turned her into an insensitive, impatient and implacable 'dictator'. Besides her father, she did not have a high opinion of the men around her, but she did have a special bonding with Ka Yeung sensing the great potential in him, even when young had already pegged him as their father's successor. If anyone could change/influence her mind or soften her heart or lessen her burden, it would be her beloved smart and charming 3rd brother.

Given their many spontaneous embraces, Ka Seng is obviously more open with his affection for Ka Yeung than for Ka Hin, maybe because Ka Yeung is more approachable with his genial demeanor and easy-going conduct. Notice how Ka Yeung chats so easily with Chor Gao and the male workers and how very respectful he was to Lan Jie when he questioned her about the drugged Ka Seng's condition. Unlike Ka Hin or Hao Yee, Ka Yeung goes out of his way to put people at ease in his presence with his charm (even the old sly fox 2nd uncle fell for it ) . So, if Ka Yeung had time to speak with Ka Seng and in the process found out about the latter's passion for opera, how would he counsel Ka Seng? He himself had a dream that he pursued at all cost; Ka Seng also has a dream he wishes to pursue at all cost, just that his dream is deemed beneath his status and that of his family's.

Guilt piled upon guilt, Ka Yeung had to wonder if he had come home much earlier could all this tragedy be averted? Besides being an unfilial son with his leaving home against his father's wish, now his persistent sleuthing has undoubtedly destroyed his brothers' lives. (But then sooner or later, Ka Seng's memory of that night will resurface.) Had he come home earlier would he have prevented Ka Seng from running away? So many "what ifs" and so many "if only".


  1. OMG!!!! I just finished episode 20 of SIAC and it is so good. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. I think this wouldn't been a problem if the Poon family just listen to why Ka Seng want to go into the entertainment business. His family should've let him go out and get some experience in the real world, and if he couldn't handle the entertainment business then he can always come home, and get into the family business. Just like Ka Yeung did when he told his family that he wanted to become a doctor. Yes, Ka Yeung had a fight with his father and ran away from home, and ended up joining the army as a Medic. But in the end Ka Yeung learned so much outside of his family's home, and gain so much experience that he is learning pretty quickly about his family business. Also he knows who is lying to his face and who is being honest. Who is stealing money from the company and who is actually a hard worker. If the Poon Family had given that chance to Ka Seng, he wouldn't end up killing Hao Yee in the first place.

    Overall this series is really good. I can't wait for the second part of the series. Plus Steven Ma has still got! :D

  2. Epi 21 is even better, imagine that! I guess the environment of medical field is very different from an entertainment field being the latter having less prestige. Even today many families still hold the same view on the above occupations. Also Ka Seng, the baby of the family, seems to be more naive, less tough and arguably less intelligent than Ka Yeung.But of over protection will only inhabit a child's maturation.

    And yes, Steven still got 'it'.