Wednesday, March 19, 2014

thoughts on epi 23

Now that the Hau Yee's mysterious death is solved we now have the thrill of solving the mystery of Ka Hin's real parents' identities or to speculate if Mr. Poon is truly his father. I'm not convinced by Boss Chiang's assertion that Ka Hin is his son. When I first saw Chiang's wife on the wheelchair I thought she was his mother as she looks way older than him or is she truly his wife?

If we look at the Poon siblings and Mr. Poon, all but Ka Hin have similar refined facial features and slim built, so either Ka Hin takes after his dead mother or that he is indeed not Mr. Poon's biological son. lol!

So did Mr. Poon disfavor Ka Hin because his birth caused the death of his beloved 1st wife? Or because he and his late wife stole him from Cheung and his wife?

On a different topic: Squeal...Ka Yeung publicly acknowledged his and BB's romance. Poor Ah Fa, she's so funny with her crush on Ka Yeung and her indignant response when SS carries BB out of the room. And I also really enjoyed Ka Yeung's skillful handling of the delicate situation with the dye suppliers not only to get them off Wing Tai Lun's but to also wrangle a week's grace to make the payments. And wow to the last scene shot of Ka Yeung's barging in the room looking like an irate storm trooper. Posted Image Hope he will keep his cool and show the decorum of a filial son towards parents as he protects BB.

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