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Updated with transcript -- SIAC 3/20/2014 bus tour

TVB ET news

Scoop March 20 2014
Mar 19/2014
Steven Ma has a chronic heart condition and needs to carry his medicine with him at all times for emergency use.  Yesterday (3/18), he was sighted at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital accompanied by a woman. After he was hospitalized he returned this reporter's text messages explaining his health condition. He said he suddenly felt dizzy and that his blood pressure went off the chart so he went to the hospital for a check-up. And his blood pressure shot up to 180 when the nurse checked it.  The doctor hospitalized him for observation as he was worried Steven might be having a stroke.

3/20 & 3/21  Last night in the hospital, Steven underwent a battery of tests including CT-scan, EKG, MRI, blood and urine tests to diagnose his malaise thus he did not get much sleep at all. Despite the numerous tests taken, the attending doctor still could not diagnose the exact root cause of Steven's ailment. Because of his hospitalization, Steven had to cancel his plans to attend Fala Chen's studio recording of her part for their duet in the same evening, and also his scheduled TVB《勁歌金曲》recording session for the next day (3/19).  However, he confirmed he would attend the scheduled SIAC bus tour promotion on 3/20/2014.  Despite his worrisome health condition he would fly to US on March 21 as planned to hold his scheduled sold out 2-show concert.  Only when back from his US concert would he visit his family doctor for a more thorough examination. He actually thought he was having a stroke at the time, and was scared because he did not want to become a burden to his family. He revealed he drank  5 cups of black coffee daily and the doctor warned him that was like committing a slow suicide, so after this scare he had decided to quit drinking coffee altogether.

wenweipo 3-21-2014

transcript from TVB ET news: S
Steven: Actually at that time in the afternoon, I was doing an interview, very happy talking about cooking and stuff, and in the evening would go to a recording session (tn: Probably to attend Fala's recording of their duet- Steven had already recorded his part way back when Fala was still in the US. Steven also canceled his JSG's recording session scheduled for the next day 3/19) so in between I decided to go home to rest but when crossing the tunnel, as you know the lights there are very bright and strong, when suddenly my vision became blurry so I closed my eyes, and 'yee?!' A bit dizzy, suddenly felt the backside of my brain turgid with surging blood, and there's this tingling on backside of my neck and head. Wah! sei lo! Suddenly felt like I was going to die. (reporter: choi!) Really, that's the truth! (R: What happened next? Went to the hospital?) Because my house is closer to QE (tn: Queen Elizabeth hospital), so immediately we, my manager and I, went to QE emergency. (R: Allegedly your high blood pressure was very high?) Yes, very. Very scary! The minute I sat down they checked my blood pressure, and its reading was like 180 over 130. My systolic normally is around 130 (R: Did you think of stuff you had not done yet? like marriage?) At the time I thought of...actually I'm not scared of death per se (Which woman flashed through your mind first?) My mother lo.

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