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Bumped up! Who caused Hao Yee's death?

So, how many guessed the identity Hau Yee's killer, and how it happened?

The mystery of Hao Yee's death is very well written with all the characteristics of a good mystery story:
- a hook to draw in the audience; Hao Yee fits the bill
- a series of clues leading rationally to solving the case
- red herring - in the case of Ka Hin
- several plausible motives
- several plausible suspects
- gradual elimination of suspects
- interesting characters
- building of suspense

I've never thought, not even for a second when the odds were stacked against him, that Ka Hin was the killer. But to be honest I never suspected Ka Seng in the first place either until much later and even then couldn't be absolutely sure that it was him until the very last minute when I placed my bet on him.  Also my haunch that SLB guy had something to do with Hau Yee's death! His name got mentioned too often for such an insignificant role.


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My bet is on Ka Seng who caused Hao Yee's death by accident.

My bet is on Ka Seng who accidentally caused Hau Yee's death. Maybe he tried to run away from home to join the opera troupe who were just leaving town but Hau Yee stopped him, and in the scuffle he accidentally caused her death. (how?) Ka Hin covers up his crime for him. Ka Seng recovers his full memory on the incident. He can't bear the truth so he tries to commit suicide but is rescued by Ka Yeung. His brothers comforted him. He decides to leave home to get away from it all.

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