Monday, April 21, 2014

A gift to Stevia fans: SSBB's perfect ending.

pls click on the original video on youtube to watch the video in hd quality and on full screen ( if can watch must watch on tv screen too) so as to get the full impact of Story Forest's sharp, impeccable visual and meticulous use of subtle color shades and sepia hue to successfully transport us viewers back to SSBB's love story and their timeline. There is no doubt in my mind that this video is superiorly done with much love, patience and of course, skills and creativeness.

From the very onset the music starts, my heart is engaged; from the very moment Ka Yeung turns his head, my emotions are stirred; from the very second BB smiles imploringly thru her tears, my heartstrings are tugged - thru all these my memory relive once again the past few weeks of chasing a series. This scene is the beginning of a new chapter. Four years ago Ka Yeung literally 'swung' into town and into BB's heart like a whirlwind sweeping her off her feet. He showed her a brand new world where everything was possible if only she would just open up her mind to new things. But all too soon, he was swept away this time by the raging waters - gone but never forgotten. TVB truly missed out in making SIAC a classic with its disappointing ending.

Ka Yeung is momentarily stunned as his memory readjusts to the sudden inrush of remembrances escaping  from their 4-year imprisonment locked deep within the recess of Ka Yeung's brain. Remembering it all, Ka Yeung dashes towards BB. Did he even register the little boy standing next to BB? Their joyous, tight embrace - words are redundant but BB had to say the pivotal albeit superfluous question: "Ka Yeung, you truly remember me!" And then the blinding flashback, and the song starts - all so perfectly timed as preamble to a heart-wrenching drama of past love and romance, tears and heartbreaks, of deceits and lies, of betrayal and helplessness, of life and death, of laughter and smiles, of hope and understanding, of honor and righteousness, of fortitude and strength, and most of all of Heaven's Will for reuniting their lives again in this one joyous reunion. Btw, I don't recall ever seeing the last scene of BB and SS hugging each other.  Applause! [鼓掌][太开心]

StoryForest went beyond and above creating a mv; she gives me and SSBB fans the perfect SSBB ending - much needed closure to Stevia fans. I'm so teary-eyed moved for such a gesture of kindness. The tedious repetitive cutting and pasting of minute scene for just that perfect story sequences, and the timing precision of matching each and every minute scene to the song and the lyrics, and the putting of words in SS's and BB's mouths' to evoke the proper lines; the painstaking effort and saintly patience expended can only be imagined. Thank you so very much, StoryForest. Also thank you for your mention of me on your youtube blurb.Your present is a wonderful conclusion to my wonder Easter break. [心]


  1. Tamaya, you are so VERY WELCOMED! I’m so touched and flattered to read the incredibly beautiful review you gave to me. Fans like YOU are the reason I make my videos!!

    Sharing the wonder of watching a series and the emotions it gives to the audience is absolutely amazing, and if there’s a possibility for me to somehow extend that feeling to something more, something new, or something further, then I’d like to attempt to try. Perhaps that is the same for all fan-creations, be it fan-art, fan-fiction, fan-videos and even fan-blogging. We all share the same desire to want to keep that wonderful magic going not only for ourselves but also for others to enjoy. So after all the hours and hours of effort to piece together a few minutes of video, it is with great pleasure that I can share that video with you and there is no greater return that you can give me than what you just wrote – a sincere, step-by-step, heartfelt review of how my little imaginary creation has somehow stirred you back to remembering all the beautiful memories that the series has brought you. So you are so very welcomed and I want to thank YOU instead for watching, for reviewing, and ultimately for simply LOVING!


  2. OMG OMG OMG StoryForest, what an AMAZING video!!! That reunion scene is merged so beautifully and so flawlessly. I would have never thought that such merging is possible in video but you have just done MAGIC. That's how I imagined Ka Yeung would react if he had remembered Bing Bing fully. The real SIAC ending is so anti-climatic compared to yours.

    And tamaya, thank you for sharing such beautiful video! And your description of it is so well-thought and well-observed.

    As a Stevia fan, I feel so blessed having you guys around!

    1. ~~ditto~~
      As Stevia fan, the feeling is totally mutual.

  3. StoryForest, I salute you for your dedication and passion. What a beautiful and sweet video, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you