Monday, April 21, 2014

Editorial: Acknowledgment of siac video creators

*My big thanks to all the video creators of SSBB who have most creatively, patiently, persistently, and skillfully (not to mention removing themselves from real life sequestered with their computers for days on end) made videos that stirred our emotions and fired up our imaginations because of their love for SIAC and SSBB and Stevia.  I can only imagine the efforts, the heart, the time and the tenacity put into their projects to create a tangible product born of their visions. Their videos are a joy to watch because of their superior editing skill, their eye for details and nuances, and of course their wonderful, personal imaginations in making their videos their very own creations.  Thank you, 北極炚 & StoryForest et al. for such precious SSBB work of art keepsakes. I  love them all. [心] You gals are just wonderful people not to mention skillful, creative video editors .

My special thanks:
-- 北極炚 for especially edited into her 2nd video SSBB's sensual kitchen scene  because I lamented to her that her first mv video did not have it.  Thank you so very much much, 北極炚.  [心]

-- StoryForest for giving me and all BBSS fans the perfect ending to SSBB's love story.

北極炚1 天意 - 偽
北極炚2 sweet moments
StoryForest perfect ending
千年石_声自在: Steven's Ru Yuan
aptx24 想起你
gifs by 竽樂の圈 @sm baidu

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