Wednesday, April 9, 2014

rthk station 2 [Made in Hong Kong] Mala promote duet

rthk station 2 [Made in Hong Kong] tudou

Duet on youtube
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Fala recounts an old incident whereby while she was still a newbie she stood up for Steven when she thought he was been bullied by this one person. She yelled at this person for being rude to Steven. Steven was very moved by her defence of him though at the time Fala was still relatively new in the industry.  Fala is the leading lady for their duet (非戀之情) mv and also for Steven's mandarin song "I'm going to get married" 《我要结婚了》 mv. (TN: In this one old Eileen Cha radio interview Fala also recounted an incident whereby it was Steven who spoke out for Fala when someone was being rude to her.)

So, Steven and Bobby's previously scrapped tvb series (replaced by SIAC) was to be filmed on location in Taiwan. Putting aside his indebtedness to both Catherine Tsang and Leung Choi Yuen, I guess just the lure of filming on location in Taiwan would have been a great incentive to get Steven to agree to film that tvb series as he not only loves Taiwan but that his girlfriend is also from Taiwan. Looks like TVB had gone all out to lure Steven back with incentives to film a series for them, but look how the HK tabloids twisted Steven's tvb comeback.

Responding to the host's question, Steven once again clarifies the constant media misconception of him being a tvb per series contract artist because he filmed SIAC. Steven says that currently he has no contractual ties with TVB whatsoever; he has only signed that one-time-only contract for SIAC, and when he completed his SIAC filming so ended his contract with TVB. Should they collaborate again in new series in the future Steven would have to sign another new contract with TVB for the said series.


  1. Feel very touched that Fala stood up for Steven. Not many girls are able/would do it.

    I wonder what was the original plot of the series with Bobby and Steven.

    I hope Steven gets to have a new good script and sign with TVB again. Really miss him onscreen (I don't really like to watch mainland drama). Hope he gets to star with Tavia in a good comedy! Would really want to see that.

    1. I would love to watch Stevia in a good comedy too - like Better Halves. Why Stevia's chemistry has also been so good because their characters mutually responded to each other's nuances and lines depicted in their facial expressions, gestures and nonverbal body language etc

      Using Steven's own words 2010
      “Acting, what is rhythm / pacing? That should involve every one of the series characters’ responses to every thing and every line. It’s not Ma Chun Wai’s rhythm. Else wouldn’t I be forever just portraying myself?”

      “A comedy cannot be carried out by just one person. It has to be a group activity; throwing, catching, all must be well timed and space coordinated for me; only then can it edify me to pull off the laughter provoking lines at the right time. Because in a comedy, a person’s dropping the ball will diminish your performance.”

    2. The script plot probably was not even thought of yet, just TVB using Bobby to lure Steven back to film a tvb series.

  2. Yes, a comedy like Better Halves would be great! Better Halves remain one of my favourite tvb series with its good plot and good acting and excellent chemistry. Besides Steven's character, I actually really like Joyce Coi's character there.

    Stevia's reactions to each other is so detailed and natural. They do show what synergy means. Steven is great in comedy himself and even though Tavia has never been in a comedy herself, but I believe she does have the talent for it judging from Dicey Business. Steven himself also commented that Tavia is a comedy herself in real life. So it will be interesting to see another type of sparks they will have if they film a comedy together.

    As for Bobby/Steven series, I thought the factor that lured Steven was the script then Bobby? I thought he said script is the most important factor for him to be interested in filming a series now. Even though I like Bobby and would love to see Bobby and Steven collaborate, my worry is that Steven's screentime would be compromised because of Bobby's status. I quite like the amount of screentime he has in SIAC =D

    1. The script wasn't all that detailed from what I recalled - maybe just a broad outline or a summary. I guess the whole package plus indebtedness plus his 'promise' to tvb lured him back. Guess SIAC is a blessing in disguise.