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Steven Ma is unafraid of death, lie inside coffin

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Yesterday (4/26/2014),  Steven Ma along with a group of students attended "The fundamentals of living, aging, illness and dying journey" 「生老病死精華遊」public event organized by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association held at Jockey Club Life Journey Center 《生 命.歷情》體驗館 located in Ho Man Tin.  Steven and the students 'traversed time' via games and tour guides' explanations to get a better understanding of a human life journey starting with birth to ending with death. Steven even lay inside the coffin to get the feel of being locked inside one for an hour. Steven said when inside the coffin he watched a very interesting short film.  He said: "Lying inside the coffin, everything suddenly quieted down. At the end of your life journey, the tv installed inside the coffin asked whom do you most want to see, and if your life had been meaningful. The first thing that popped into my mind was to see my parents."

When the topic on his 'funeral portrait' was brought up Steven smiled and said that photo was an image of him when old. He jested: "But I'm confident I would not be that wrinkled. I've good skin!" 

He said: "I'm not afraid to die but don't have it drag out. If die then die quickly! Like recently when I fell sick and almost passed out, if truly going to die then die quickly."  (How was his health now?) He said: "The blood pressure reading is normal but I've been having headache for the past two weeks straight. Maybe overly exercised. (Have consulted a doctor yet?) Have not followed up yet. But I feel ok! (Have quit drinking coffee?) Tough to quit completely, so now one cup per day!"

On a different subject Steven said he will release his new music album in mid-June and will hold concerts in different cities.  He said: "I've finished shooting the mvs for the new album.  Actually I had wanted to invite all three sisters (Tavia, Fala, Linda) to shoot the mvs with me but the other two had scheduling conflicts so in the end had Fala do all three mvs. Later, I'll go to the US and Malaysia to hold a concert there."

He also revealed he has a song dedicated to his father as a Father's Day present. He said: "My father was a bus driver. I have a song especially written for him."   Earlier Steven shot a mini movie with a eight year old boy depicting the life story of a bus driver.  (So was your dad in the mv?) No, he wasn't. He would be too nervous!"

note: In numerous past news reports Steven had said frankly he was afraid of death because he still had familial responsibility and filial duties to take of and that there was still so much stuff he wanted to do and accomplish, but now with his new found faith in Christianity he puts everything in God's hands, consequently finding peace in himself to accept God's will include death.

In this 1999 news report Steven said "Now, they know I’m up to any challenges.” As an actor, Ma Zai would like to experience all kinds of different roles, with one exception; no coffin scene. “Honestly, I simply can’t act out a scene wherein I have to lie down inside a coffin. If you want me to act as a depraved villain or as a cross dresser; fine, no problem. After all, it’s just acting.”
Video link at 娛樂onshow at 馬浚偉大呻連續頭痛兩星期

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  1. Even though Steven doesn't get a chance to have two of his sisters to be involved in his MV this time, but hopefully in the future, such chance will arise, I especially want to see Stevia MV that is directed by Stevem (Sorry, can't blame me, I'm a Stevia fan!)

    That coffin looks really modern, it feels like a bathtub with a lid more than coffin. But having to sleep in it for one hour? Doesn't look comfortable.

    From the excerpts you posted, seems like Steven has changed a lot in terms of method of thinking. I would have thought that there is nothing wrong acting in a coffin, one of my favourite series of all time is Fearless Duo (a very good romantic comedy!), yeah and my favourite actress of all time Barbara Yung had scene lying in coffin before. Even though she died young, but I believe there is no correlation between that.

    Anyway, on one hand, I'm glad that he has discarded the old thinking but in another way, a bit worried about his carefree attitude towards death (including not following up with doctor).

    1. Apparently the coffin occupant had a life/death provocative documentary film to while away his/her confinement. Not sure if I can last that long without feeling claustrophobic.

      I guess his attitude is more of letting go of things he can't control or change rather than having a carefree attitude towards death. He says he will be put aside time for a full physical check up after his Korean trip.

  2. Hope he doesn't delay his medical check up due to his workaholic nature.