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Steven and the babies

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2014 Steven cradling his Mala's MV baby in his arm
Steven is experienced cradling a baby in his arm.


2011-9-6 15:46  Baby @Daddy Good Deeds
Steven: Doing PF's outdoor shoot, very sleepy.  But met this very cute BB so wide awake now! haha!

2011 6/24 Steven with Jojo's daughter, his goddaughter.
 Steven: Goddaughter's 100th birthday banquet. The invited guests were all very happy, and me as the godfather even more so!  Heehee,  even though Ying Wah was clueless as to what we adults were doing but when she gets older and watch the video she will sure be happy! Once again congratulations to Ging gor and Jojo,  wishing them everlasting love, and wish Ying Wah grows up fast, good health and happiness.  (tn: baby's hair such a hoot)

@黃家誼 2:06: // @馬浚偉 : At least two lah! Else not enough people to play doubles! // @黃家誼 : Then why not have a young Ma zai of your own?  // @馬浚偉 :But of course! I'm a natural born good father! // @黃家誼 :Your cradling looks real wo! Godfather!

Note: Jojo Cho Chung (曹眾) plays the mainland doctor trainee, Amy, who has a crush on Steven's Dr. Joe in Healing Hands (1).

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May 10 2011 12:03 Another goddaughter or the same Jojo's baby?
Steven:Went to good friend's house to visit my goddaughter. Right away assemble "All-Powered Baby Cradle" that I gave her as gift. This cradle is truly a good buy!  Has 6 stages of rocking, gentle vibration massage,  music box and sturdy frame, truly helps out the parents and designed securely.  Praiseworthy!  P.S. looking at this photo, realize that I was one with the most fun here.  Anyway, baobao be happy and quickly grow up to be big and strong. 

note: Can't tell if the baby is Jojo's or another one of Steven's goddaughter but both babies sure have similar 'hairstyle'. lol!


2011 4/17 friend's baby, Hiko
The B (baby) in my arms is called Hiko. He's my friends', Ah Fai and Yoko's B. He weighed 7-1/2 lbs at birth, and though only slightly more than a month's old, his weight and size are that of a half year old baby's. Definitely a 'giant B'. Also we all teased that he is a chubby B with his chin stuck to his chest. If giving him a bath must first separate the rolls of fat to wash in between them. haha! Anyway, Hiko, here's wishing you to quickly grow up to be big and strong, healthy and happy. And be a filial and good person when you grow up ya!


2007 8/25 Baby Chun Chun of AJCL
This little cutie portrays my younger sister's baby son in A Journey called life. Even though he had only one scene but he's truly absolutely adorable! He's called Chun Chun, only a year old! But don't know why for a baby, his eyes expression is so very steady, as if he's aware of the stuff happening around him! Maybe it is fate but as soon as he sees me, he smiles! Seeing him, I truly wish to have a child of my own... Maybe... I'm qualified now to be a dad...fantasizing...^v^.......!

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2010-5-23 Steven exposes his baby pix on weibo

Steven:Today, having a splitting headache so pardon my laziness to write less. Wishing everybody be more happy, that the world be better, that evil be farther away from us, and positive energy be stronger....

Steven:When Master Piggy Ma was young; when young already so piggy.[豬頭]v[哈哈]

Steven: Slightly over one year's old. I was 8-1/2 half lbs at birth, a fat BB! [豬頭][心]

Steven: That's true, I too have heard that a young child will only sleep in the arms of a person he/she trusts. The BBs I held either smiled or slept! (Made me) feel good.....

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  1. Steven was a cute baby! That's not fat but just the right chubbiness.

    Haha... like he said, it does seem like he is naturally born as good father. Having a niece is not going to make someone more comfortable in carrying a baby. I know it for myself too. I have a niece whom I love dearly but before she was 1, I really didn't dare to carry her, the feeling is too fragile.

    1. Ikr, when I first held my newborn niece in my arms I was nervous about her soft neck and 'boneless' body unless she was all bundled up in a blanket. lol!