Friday, April 11, 2014

Steven Ma not into pure righteous roles anymore

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Steven says he will only accept two kinds of roles - the gray/villain role or comedic role. But he also doesn't want to be a pure evil villain but a villain imbued with human traits.  Steven plans to direct a movie inspired by his mother. He knows he wants to direct this movie but his dilemma lies in whether he should just concentrate on being a director and forgo the acting part or that he should wear both caps as a director and as an actor too because he wishes to act in his mother's story.   He said he has already chosen the perfect actress to portray his mother. (He once said he hope to persuade Fung Bo Bo to accept the role of his mother.)

Steven: Frankly if I were to portray an absolute good guy, I wouldn't have returned.  Not would not return but rather would have declined the series.  You want me to portray an absolute righteous character,  I don't know how to do it. I can't portray that totally upright person anymore.  (Can't do those pure and innocent characters anymore?)  Forget it,how old am I now, still want me to be pure and innocent, naive and romantic? I can't do it anymore.

Narrator: Steven has opened a production studio in Beijing last year (si Jan 1 2014) . He is going to release a music album including a duet with Fala Chen.  So when his rumored girlfriend, Vivian, was mentioned ..

Steven:  You know what is the worst thing for a man?  The worst thing for a man is that only after marriage then he thinks of developing his career.  It's very problematic because of worries.  (Can do it together)  Of course, need to get everything settled first with planning.  (What if had to plan until you're fifty years old?) Bite your tongue,  shouldn't take that long ba?

TN: I hope Steven won't regret putting career over marriage. Both he and Vivian are not getting any younger. Like Fala has vocally said,  Steven is way too chow chew male chauvinistic in his approach to marriage.

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  1. Like Tavia said, Steven is a mature man and know what he is doing. There is really no age limit for a man to get married although not really so for a woman (Double standard, but yes, sadly this world is full of it). I am not a close-minded person when it comes to marriage, but it is true in this case if they want to have children. After all, women have time limits to get healthy pregnancy and birth delivery (even though these days there is technology of egg preservations but I don't know how that works). Unless they both do not plan on having children....

    But seeing how others have always described Steven as a traditional Teo Chew man, being the only son, I would think that he would want to have his own children one day. Perhaps, as his new song title reads, he is getting married? Anyway, that's his private life and I can only say, all the best to him!

    1. Yay! Akazukin, finally, you can post your comment here. So happy! Cbox is too limiting. Welcome! (doing a welcome dance jig!) I personally think Steven doesn't love Vivian enough to commit to marriage. Also, recall our previous discussion on whether he will be a good husband? My opinion still stands - once he gets married and starts a family, they will be his main focus over his career. But right now he says doesn't even have time to see his father because he is so busy with work.

      I think his heart problem health is also a big concern for him too in bringing kid(s) into the world because he wants to make sure he can provide for him/her just in case his health fails him. So he wants to have a healthy bank account (how much is the question?) before he would get married with kid(s) even at the expense of Vivian's biological clock ticking away.

      I wonder if Vivian is not so wealthy would he have delayed their marriage because of his male pride? Sometimes I like to knock some sense into that blockhead of his. Like Fala says Steven doesn't under women's mindset at all. Sigh -- reading between the lines in his recent interviews, he and Vivian have broke up once again.

      below is his June 2013 when they had reconciled, again, and now most likely have broke-up, again. Even Fala in their above interview urges him to put aside his chauvinistic attitude towards marriage and marry that woman already.

      C: You've a chronic health problem and have lost someone, so how come still not ready to start your own family? You've a girlfriend ma! Still the same one in the red wine business, right? How's your relationship with her now?

      S: We've an understanding. I won't talk too much about us. For now, everything's fine. Definitely want to start my own family plus I love children, but need the right timing.

      C: Women have time constraint conceiving a baby.

      S: She and I, we share a common goal. Within a year or two we each can accomplish what we set out to accomplish. If all go according to plan, I think we will be very happy.

      C: So have a plan already. In other words, you are sure your current girlfriend will be your marriage partner?

      S: Either, I don't get married at all, or if I do it will definitely be with her. Nowadays, my daily life consists basically of working 365 days, even my time with my girlfriend is limited. During the past 5 or 6 years I've been learning nonstop the behind-the-scene work such as cinematography, script writing, and editing. I hope that one day when I have a family I can make the transition of filming just a series a year, and spend the rest in either directing or script writing thus enabling me to have more control of my time with my daily life.

      C: Actually why the wait to get married?

      S: Well, I'm not someone who would get married twice, so must plan carefully all details. Right now I live with my family, when I get married the family members will continue to live in the present apartment, I myself will move out to another in the same neighborhood. My personality is such that I will not use a penny from a woman.

      C: So, you won't allow your other half to help you with the mortgage?

      S: Isn't it more impressive if I can buy the apartment all by myself? I admit my sense of responsibility is extremely strong. For people I love I willingly shoulder all responsibility. When I marry a wife, I would never use her money.

    2. Tamaya, thank you for the welcome! Yes, Cbox is limiting but my computer was even more limiting! I do prefer to post in comment box as it makes reference to the correct post.

      I used to think that he did not love her enough as well, but reading that interview, I totally have a different thought. It seems that he does have a very laid out plan ahead, and it sounds like lack of commitment is not the reason why he holds back from marriage, but that that he won't settle for less (when it comes to providing for his wife). From what he said that either he will not get married at all or it will definitely be her, that should show enough love. Of course, whether that statement is due to pure love or sense of responsibility is up to debate. But I see another side of Steven aside from his chauvinism from this ordeal, it's his idealism.

    3. Thanks for giving me another pov. I give up analyzing him, when I thought I knew him well, he would throw a curve ball at him. If he loves her truly then listens to her feelings and what she wants - especially given her biological clock. Moreover, there is no future for 'them' if their relationship has broken up.

    4. His male chauvinistic pride/ego cannot withstand the thought of people thinking he's living off his wife's wealth.

    5. Hello Tamaya! :)

      "Sigh -- reading between the lines in his recent interviews, he and Vivian have broke up once again. "
      Oh dear that's sad to hear that :( But what makes you think that they had broken up?

      I read from this link:
      When he was admitted to the hospital at that time, he seems like he's accompanied by Vivian (the woman with purple bag?)

      I really enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the good work! :)

    6. Anonymous: The woman in blue is Steven's manager, not Vivian. In the follow-up news on his hospitalization, Steven said: "so immediately we, my manager and I, went to QE emergency."

      "But what makes you think that they had broken up?"


      5) Fala says Steven seldom talks about his love life, that she had to go after him for info. I would ask him, "Wei, how are you? Still single?" I worry about him and want to know, and also want him to be happy. Steven says Fala would call him up with this greeting: "Wei, how are you, you're not dead, are you?" I said:"Yup, not dead."


      When asked if she asks Steven for advice on romantic relationship, Fala quips Steven should take care of his own (relationship) first. Steven instantly retorts: Wah! You should talk! (lol!)

    7. Hello Tanaya! :) Thanks for replying!

      Oh i see! Wah you're really informative! Haha!
      If that is really the case, it's so devasted! He's been with her for almost 8 years?? :(
      He should have someone by his side sharing all his happiness and sorrow with him! :)
      His new song "我要結婚了" will be air on radio today, so excited!! Hope to hear some good news from him soon?

      Have a nice day ahead!