Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stevia fanvid - Ru Yuan

It just so happened there is also this newly created fanfic with screencaps of Stevia's love story thru 4  eras starting with Cupid Stupid to Sweetness in the Salt and Land of Wealth.  Check it out on AF starting with post#235

Song title: Steven's 2013 song: "As Wished" (如願)

credit: 千年石_声自在
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  1. Thank you for promoting my fancapfic here, hehe! I actually intend to incorporate the 4 series including SIAC hence changed the title to 情逆四世緣 rather than the Bobby/Esther's 情逆三世緣.

    The MV is sooooo good! The creator is so creative and did a great job! I never knew Tin Nam and Wilson are so compatible. Probably my bias at play but somehow I feel more chemistry between Wilson and Tin Nam in this MV (even though they are cut out from individual series) than Wilson and Jojo in Links, even though I don't really understand the storyline. The lyrics seems to suggest a relationship in the past, but the scenes in the MV has been quite happy except when Tavia was wincing in pain. Is she meant to be sick and died in the MV? Or did they both end up together as it seems like it just from the pictures?

    1. You're welcome. Good things should be shared. Some fan exerts that Steven reportedly said the song inspired by his first love -- not sure as I can't find that report. But yeah, the mv editing is very good indeed. I am also confused with the storyline too cos' the song talks of parting ways with gf but the mv has a happy ending. lol!

    2. oops! Correction the song inspired by first love is another song not this one. This one is composed and written by a renowned Singaporean songwriter. track#4 Don't Encounter 不遇见

  2. (Im)Patiently waiting for you to finish your screencap story on Stevia's 4-era romance.

  3. Haha thanks for your patience! Hope to finish it by easter monday (finger crossed!).

    Yea, not really getting the message of the MV too, but it was a delight seeing the 'interactions' between Wilson and Chris.