Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steven Ma Won't Use Shots to build abs


Steven attended a Metroinfo interview to promote his duet  Platonic Love with Fala Chen.  Steven said this time is a friendship card invitation to Fala to sing a duet with him.  They will shoot a mv later.  When asked if they would also collaborate to earn money on overseas stage performances? Steven jested: "Hai lo, had wanted mui (Fala) to join me in California for stage performance but she had no free time available.  Wanted to let her earn money but she wasn't interested. "   (So a duet and also an mv, how is he repaying Fala for her help?) Steven laughed and said: "Treat her to dinner.  My red packet (lai see) is not that much!" When talked about his blood pressure suddenly spiking up to 180, Steven said even the doctor couldn't determine the reason for it.  So after his return from his trip to Korea he will undergo a detailed health examination.  As to why he is going to Korea, Steven said: "I'm going to buy clothes, not to do plastic surgery.  (Not PS then to have abs shots?) I've heard that even abs can have injections.  But I really won't do such a thing.  To get abs I would work out to get them."

Clothes? Stage costumes or regular clothes? I've read of other HK celebrities specifically going to Korea to shop for clothes so those in Hong Kong are not stylish enough for them.


  1. Steven Ma does not need plastic surgery. He does look like Korean celebrity sometimes though. Poor celebrities are unable to travel somewhere without the risk of getting rumoured. It seems that they always have to explain why they are going overseas whereas normal people go overseas often just for fun.

    I think HK does have a lot of nicely designed clothes. But with the inbound of made in china products, you gotta admit that korean made and japanese made clothes are much better in quality. Besides, buying clothes overseas minimise your chance of wearing the same clothes as someone else (at least I find so in my case, lol).

    1. Wonder if Steven is in Korea now? I hope Steven will buy clothes that fit his looks and style and not just go for trendy clothes that wear him instead of the other way around. I remember this one time when he had on this mustard yellow low crotch harem trousers custom made -- definitely not suited to his style.